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Self Searching is a Critical Artist’s Marketing Tool! »

Scanning the internet for your website, your business, your content, your names, products, etc. is a critical part of modern marketing. This is a few quick examples of how the content of has been implemented by other websites, blogs, etc. with mutually benefitial results.

Share – Marketing & Business Resource to Artists »

One of my recent “Twitter Finds” is Alyson B. Stanfield – business and marketing consultant to artists. As an author, consultant, blogger, etc. she provides skills that quite frankly many artists lack! Check out here website: for more information. An extract for her bio is below!


Artisans is on SlideShare – Are you? »

The internet has obviously gone well beyond a place to post information; we’ve passed from the information age into the social networking age. The interlinking of personal and business lives with an unprecedented ability to exchange information ranging from the pointless to the severely relevant is at our fingertips 24 hours a day. is a great tool to host relevant information!


TODL Includes Artisans as Feature Artist … »

The Trade Only Design Library ( has included Artisans of the Valley in this week’s Featured Manufacturers (Artists) providing a week long profile of our work for display to their full membership.


Artisans – Kim Gordon’s TODL Green Pick! »

“TODL’s Kim Gordon finds the design industry to be the perfect platform to see positive changes in the way we treat our planet.” Kim selects various manufacturers and artists from TODL’s membership to highlight their green iniatives, products, and services.