WTF? (um … the politically correct version) – Is this Flattery or Theft?

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery right? Yeah maybe, but it’s still kind of annoying when you find it’s happening to you! “Our wood has been comprimised!” (That’s a Teri quote BTW … I give proper credit …)

If you’re not familiar with our “New Wave Gothic” furniture line, we’ve been developing a unique style by combining Gothic, Renaissance, Tudor, Medieval, Mission, maybe some country – and a little of our own twist to create an original design. We apparently succeeded … we’ve been spoofed!



Umm – Can you say The Images & Designs above are the Property of Artisans of the Valley – All Rights Reserved? … We knew you could!

The power of the web – the images, the detail, the data – all great to portray your work online reaching and we’re all excited to reach a worldwide audience. Then one day one of your friends is surfing the web and pings you back with a link … and you find … your design reverse engineered and manifested in living color half way around the world! This monster fake was built in Thailand …



Can you say “Knock-off?” …. We knew you could …

Now – I guess it does answer the question of “How big can you build your gothic table?” … Well, we can build it REALLY REALLY big … large enough to fill the dining room of a castle. This really is our design, a few minor tweaks, a couple simple changes, but … stand back and take a good look. Do we entagle into international copywrite infringement battles or just tips our hats and say nice job and steal back the modificaitons they made to our fretwork panels? One thing that should be made very clear this knock-off is defiately lacking our signatures, and it wasn’t made in the USA  …. so … whatever the new owner paid for this table they didn’t get an investment … they got a table.

The moral of the story is – what’s online becomes fair game for anyone and everyone to pillage. Publicity is fantastic – but beware of the risks that come with online fame as not only will your clients find you but so will the rest of the world!


Bob Eigenrauch – Master Chainsaw Carver


ws_cs_bobsailer1_lStan and Eric met Bob Eigenrauch in the late 1980’s when he joined the Central Jersey Wood Carvers. Bob was in the Tree service business and wanted to learn basic carving so he could use the vast store of wood he had access to. Stan invited him to his shop, Artisans of the Valley, and got him started.

Bob’s goal was to become a chain saw carver, and before long he was bringing early attempts around to the shop for critiquing. Over several years, Stanley watched him slowly improve by practice, and through taking anatomy courses in both the human figure and wild life forms. We then lost touch, schedules being what they are for a few years until Bob emerged again as an accomplished chainsaw carver; today we can safely rank him as one of the Masters!

Artisans is now featuring a full gallery of chainsaw carvings, featuring Bob Eigenrauch as the primary artist. Galleries include Figures, Wildlife, Fish, Horses, Birds, Totems & Tikis, Signs, and Mailboxes. Artisans will be accepting commissions for carvings similar to those shown in our galleries, as well as unique and original commissions.

We’re proud to show off Bob’s work – and to have him as one of our affiliates! The gallery below is a few samples from his portfolio, and we’ve also included links to Bob’s feature PDF portfolio and to his work in our Chainsaw Carving Section.

Bob’s Feature Portfolio:

Bob’s section on Artisans Website:




Pigeonpie Films & Photography by Richard Ondrovic and Lisa Varner

Pigeonpie Films & Photography by Richard Ondrovic and Lisa Varner

Artisans of the Valley Master Craftsman Eric M. Saperstein met Richard Ondrovic back in 1997, crossing paths in the Information Technology world and working together for the next eleven years or so. While Eric was directing his creative abilities towards woodworking & carving, Richard has always been passionate about his love of photography, film, food, travel, and adventures.

His expeditions came through every year, with colleagues around the country always anticipataing the presentation of an array of amazing photographs on his return. Rich’s trips ranging from Antarctica to the Galapagos Islands, local to South Carolina or wandering through Appalachia; we can’t list them all just take a look at his websites!

Richard joined forces with Lisa Varner (his wife and producer … also known as “Dr. Lisa”) and formed Pigeonpie Films, specializing in documentaries that portray the positive and unique aspects of Appalachian culture and society. Visit to view their award winning documentaries online.

“We believe that the beauty, sights, and sounds of Appalachia deserve to be preserved and shared with others.”  – Richard Ondrovic & Dr. Lisa Varner

Richard Ondrovic grew up in New York City and graduated from Brooklyn College. He’s a software engineer, as well as a photographer and filmmaker. Lisa Varner grew up in Fairborn, Ohio. She graduated from Auburn University, LSU, The University of Tennessee, and Virginia Tech University and has doctoral degrees in nutrition science and clinical psychology. She loves to cook and travel (and eat)!

“Though we come from very different backgrounds, we’ve found lots of commonalities. As for our differences—–some make us stronger, and some just serve to frustrate! But it’s a good sign when you both agree that a wedding by Elvis is the perfect way to start out married life!” – Richard Ondrovic & Dr. Lisa Varner

Ondrovic is an odd combination of a private soul with an exhibitionist mentality. You won’t get his home phone number or email unless your family, yet he personally maintains,, & sharing with the world their travels, interests, and lives. Join them on their many adventures: from their Elvis wedding in Vegas—to their Mardi Gras trips in New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast—-and to adventures in Antarctica. As they say down in Cajun Country – laissez les bon temps roulez!

We can only blog a small extract from Rich’s work – his website has a gallery of thousands of pictures, many of which are available for sale. There is now even a book featuring images Rich’s Antarctica trip. Click this link to preview the book:


Images on display here are the property of Richard Ondrovic – All Rights Reserved!

 Family Life & Fun:

Documentary Films of Appalachia:

Fine Art Photography From Around the World:


TODL Includes Artisans as Feature Artist …

TODL Includes Artisans as Feature Artist ...

The Trade Only Design Library ( has included Artisans of the Valley in this week’s Featured Manufacturers (Artists) providing a week long profile of our work for display to their full membership.

This round the featured our hand crafted custom English Library in solid mahogany, the restoration of a Louie XV circa 1750 bow front dresser, our solid walnut hand carved ram scene (Pattern by Lora S. Irish), and our solid oak custom made New Wave Gothic Desk.

TODL allows us to reach directly into the design industry. All of TODL’s features and broadcast mailings are part of Artisans’s master plan for marketing and branding our products and services. We’ve already established our presence as a dominating force on the internet for custom furniture, woodcarving, sculpture, and antique restoration. We’re continuing to leverage this position, constantly presenting our work and the work of our affiliates, suppliers, and well just plain cool stuff to maintain our position.

For more information visit our website at

For more information on The Trade Only Design Library visit or contact


Hopewell Greenmarket Day Photos – April 18, 2009

We’ve already posted some info on Hopewell New Jersey’s Green Market Day held on April 18, 2009 at the Hopewell Train Staion. Attached to this blog are a few of the photos taken of the event by Photographer Nina Brenner. ( Artisans of the Valley was on display showing our custom commissions and restoration services. We’re actively promoting furniture restoration as an alternative to purchasing new pieces. Restoring requires far less resources than a new piece, and preserves heirlooms for generations to come. This all prevents viable furniture from ending up in landfills.

When commissions are the way to go – we provide options for sustainable lumber sources and create heirloom quality furniture that will likely never see a landfill! Our heirlom quality shellac and tung oil finishes finishes are renewable … in other words you do not have to strip and refinish to restore them!

Check out Artisans Green Notes for more information on restoration and commissions using sustainable lumber.

All photos in this gallery are by Nina Brenner – visit her website for more examples of her work and more photos from Hopewell’s Green Market Day!


The Status of Rory Fanning’s Walk For Pat Tillman

The Status of Rory Fanning's Walk For Pat Tillman

Artisans of the Valley supports Rory Fanning’s “Walk for Pat Tillman” – we recently published a special addenum to Artisans Quarterly entitled “A Cause for Walking Sticks.” Rory Fanning is walking across the United States to raise 3.6 million dollars for the Pat Tillman Foundation. Please check in often for updated blog/photo posts and to track his route with streaming GPS feeds. We are contributing 20% of a walking stick sale from the business and 20% additional as a personal match if you mention your support for Rory’s quest when you make your commission.

We thought it would be appropriate to post status updates on our blog page to keep everyone in our circles appraised as to success of this important quest. The Facebook badge image below will automatically update with Rory’s current location. Please take a moment to visit his website, learn more about the Pat Tillman Foundation, and make a contribution to Rory’s quest!  

Click here to visit Rory Fannings Walk for Pat Tillman Facebook Profile

Click here to visit Rory Fanning’s

Walk for Pat Tillman Facebook Profile


Rosemary’s Gettysburg Address Presented to President Obama

Artisans of the Valley has in our private collection a hand illuminated parchment by Master Penman Rosemary Buczek, who resides in Milford, NJ operating The Gilded Quill with her husband Steve Buczek. Eric discovered Rosemary through her website last year when on a quest to find the right artist to scribe my Master’s Papers. We now have a family treasure to mark the transition of the title of “Master Craftsman” from Master Craftsman Stanley D. Saperstein to his son Eric M. Saperstein.

We’re working on a solid oak frame to display and protect this heirloom now, and there is a rumor the piece may be making a public debut soon. In any case – this blog is not about us it’s about Rosemary’s achievements so we’ll move on.

Once an artist discovers another artist whose talent not only impresses them but inspirations their own creativity, it is common to become a follower. Eric checks Rosemary’s website regularly, just to see what’s new. At his last visit to her website, he discovered one of Rosemary’s latest creations – The Gettysburg Address.

We’ve just started our Blog – so perhaps we’re not offering you breaking news, but it’s going to be an ongoing practice to present the achievements of artists like Rosemary, and offering our congratulations! This discovery warrant’s such a blog …

Below is an extract from telling the story behind a spectacular work of art.

“About 18 months ago I took a few weeks to letter, illustrate and illuminate in a small book form “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement C Moore. I worked on 2 full sheets of calf vellum and painted in gouache, watercolor and used 23K gold. I sent my finished pages to John Greenawalt of The Book Arts Conservatory in Washington DC where he and his partner, Stephen Vanilio ( create the most amazing handcrafted book bindings and presentation boxes.   To our amazement they sold the small book within 15 minutes of it being offered for sale. The gentleman who purchased the book is a key figure in the preservation of the Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC and that led to the creation of Lincoln’s  Gettysburg Address to be presented to President and Mrs. Obama on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 for the gala celebration of the rededication of Ford’s Theatre in honor of the 200th anniversary  of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. The artwork was created on a piece of calf vellum 16 by 22 inches in size. It was then slipped into a tooled leather folder which was then placed in a tooled leather clam shell box made by Book Arts.” – Rosemary Buczek


Woodshop News is Sticking With It

Woodshop News is an invaluable source of information the woodworking trade. The venue allows the interchange of information pertaining to materials, finishes, techniques, fasteners, equipment, adhesives, tools, and toys. Woodshop News also has a consistent habit of publishing articles pertaining to industry trends and shop survival tactics; especially relevant topics given the current economic state.

The Woodshop News Staff: 

Tod Riggio, Editor: It’s Riggio’s job to know what’s happening in the industry and what new tools are hitting the shelves.

Brian Caldwell, Senior Writer: Caldwell covers topics that affect the woodworking industry, including governmental regulatory issues.

Jennifer Hicks, Staff Writer: As a staff writer, Jennifer focuses on news stories, profiles, new tool pieces and the library

A common trait of woodworkers (and all artists) is a general desire to share their craft with others. Most of us do offer shop-to-shop services, but it’s our customers that most often write our paychecks. Alternately it is often the recognition that comes from our peers, those qualified to pass judgment, which strokes our egos. A feature profile in Woodshop News generates such peer recognition within the various trades of woodworking.

Stanley D. Saperstein, Master Craftsman Emeritus, was featured in an article entitled “Sticking With It” published January 2009, Woodshop News, providing an opportunity to show off his hand made folk art walking sticks, canes, and hiking staffs. Stanley, now retired, enjoys spending time whittling, pursuing his historic interests, and causing trouble around the shop to keep him busy. He was interviewed by staff writer Jennifer Hicks for his artist profile.

We’ve also reprinted the article in Artisans Quarterly Review Vol. 2 Issue 2 – 2009. The article is paired with a feature article on diamond will walking sticks.

More of Stanley’s walking sticks are featured on our spin-off website

Woodshop News® is owned and operated by Dominion Enterprises

Dominion Enterprises is a leading media and information services company serving the wide ranging needs of the real estate, apartment, specialty vehicle, employment, and travel industries. Dominion Enterprises, wholly owned by media pioneer Landmark Communications, Inc., was established in September 2006. With its classified advertising, publishing, and web and data services, Dominion Enterprises is well positioned to maintain its dominant market position and is poised to broaden its presence and influence through strategic acquisitions.

With best-of-category magazines and web sites, Dominion Enterprises is one of the largest providers of highly targeted classified advertising. Our familiar brands are recognized from coast to coast and include For Rent, The Employment Guide, Harmon Homes, Woodshop News, Soundings Trade Only, Soundings, and a full complement of specialty vehicle titles — all reaching over 27 million consumers monthly.


Artisans – Kim Gordon’s TODL Green Pick!

Artisans - Kim Gordon's TODL Green Pick!

Artisans of the Valley was chosen as one of “Kim’s Picks” for the Trade Only Design Library’s TODL Green section. Kim Gordon, LEED AP is Green Director for the world’s foremost designer’s library. Artisans joined TODL in November of 2008, specifying over 50 of their custom commissions and restoration services to provide examples of their work to interior designers around the world.

Kim reaches out to all of TODL’s membership to promote environmentally sound business practices, products, and design. Her influence includes helping artists and manufacturers learn about, and how to implement a variety of environmentally sound practices that will also serve to be cost effective and provide for marketing opportunities.

Having a B.S. in Environmental Science and over fifteen years experience in the eco-industry gives Kim the background to sustain her expanding influences in the design community. Her track record can be measured in the growing number of designers specifying green building materials, finishing supplies, and furnishings for their projects and the increasing participation of manufacturers and artists in meeting these project requirements.

Check out Kim’s Picks & TODL’s public pages at:

Contact her at:

Exclusively servicing the trade since 1997, TODL provides design professionals and specifiers access to more than 260,000+ products for their residential, contract, commercial, hospitality and green projects.

Membership to TODL provides design professionals with access to product specifications ranging from surfaces to lighting to seating to case goods to kitchen and bath products and more 24 hours a day from any location in the world.

TODL is a trademark of The Trade Only Design Library of Clearwater, FL. – All Rights Reserved

For information about joining TODL contact: Bernadette Bumpers @ 800.631.3111 or


Live from Green Market Day!

Live from Green Market Day!

We’re currently blogging LIVE from

Hopewell New Jersey’s

Green Market Day! 

This event is an opportunity for Artisans to provide information regarding sustainable lumber for custom furniture, furniture restoration vs. replacement, and options for green friendly refinishing and finishing processes.

If you’re in the area of Hopewell Borough – stop in! There’s lots of booths with art, local farmers markets, recyling optoins, live music, etc. Plus – we’ve just discovered that Nomad Pizza arrived and setup their traveling brick oven pizza truck. ( … We’ve sampled their pizza before at various local events and are now catching the smell of the wood fire and looking forward to lunch!

PS – We’d like to thank whomever is providing the open wireless link!