Eric and Teri’s Pork Slam Adventure w/ Ted Nugent – Still 2009 Fall Booking’s Left!

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This Year’s Ted Nugent Pork Slam is October 23 – 24th, 2009! (Look closely at the photos!)

So you’re on an artist’s blog site, and you’re wondering how you ended up reading about a pig hunt? Teri and I stopped in for a Sunrize Safari’s Pork Slam in November of 2007, on the route back from dropping off a New Wave Gothic Table in St. Paul, MN. We both came home with wild boar over 300lbs, if you’re up for some close quarters boar hunting stop in just outside of Jackson, MI. The event includes a private acoustic concert by Ted Nugent, catered wild game feasts, fire pit brotherhood, and of course you get to hunt. Fall of 2009 is likely booking up quick, we’d suggest locking in your hunt now to avoid waiting another year.

Since we’re already on the topic – I’ll through in a bit of political propaganda. In order for an artist to practice their craft, artists all in their own way utilize a form of expression. Expression requires the freedom of speech, and last I checked that fell into one of the guarantees defined within our Bill of Rights. We also believe in the rights of the individual to own and bear arms. Freedom is something we often take for granted in this country; those who challenge the very core of our freedoms and express their discontent with our bill of rights and our constitution are ironically enjoying the essence of the individual freedoms our forefathers wove into the foundation of our nation’s structure.

Obviously we hunt & fish, which of course some of you will object to, and outside of the shop I’m often found in a kitchen or at the grill cooking our bounty.  We eat what we harvest, kill if it makes you feel better to say it.  If you are truly a vegetarian we don’t follow your choice of lifestyles, but we will respect it. If you eat meat and you somehow find yourself against hunting we won’t force you to run out and shoot a deer, but we will confront you with the truth. You are in fact  a hunter by proxy. Every time you remove a chicken from the store freezer, stop at a restaurant and grab a burger, or purchase a new pair of leather shoes someone updates their inventory. You have initiated a demand, which triggers someone else to do dirty work for you, all you know is that the shelves are restocked next time you visit your favorite store. You either eat meat, or you do not eat meat … there is no in between.

Theresa Tonte with 300lb silver back Austrian boar at Sunrize Acres - Ted Nugent Pork Slam 2007 hosted by Sunrize SafarisTheresa Tonte with 300lb silver back Austrian boar at Sunrize Acres - Ted Nugent Pork Slam 2007 hosted by Sunrize Safaris

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Shown Above Theresa Tonte with 300+lb Austrian Silver Back Wild Boar Sunrize Acres, Jackson, Michigan November 2007

Free speech is just that, it is the freedom to speak your mind when you want, where you and, and to whomever you want to speak too. It is also the right of others to turn their backs and ignore you; this is no different than two people looking at a painting and each expressing opposing critiques. Not happy with such an environment? That’s just too damn bad – either learn to deal with it or find yourself a more repressive country to live in. We’re artists and we’re hunters; and we’re happy living in America.

Free speech is something I use regularly, and I can tell you without apologies that I offend people just as often as I speak freely. To those who have the free time in their lives to waste being offended over me, well, go spend some time with your family or at least get a hobby;  most importantly stop wasting your life worrying about what I am doing. I live my life from a first hand perspective every day, I guess perhaps if you enjoy reality TV you can follow our blogs and tweets, but I can assure you it really isn’t worth getting upset about. To be sure we’re in perspective, those who manage to speak and tick me off – well that’s just something I have to learn to accept and move on with my life; everyone has a right to speak their mind.

What you really need to keep in mind when you challenge any of our freedoms is that taking away any piece of any one is the first step to losing them all. With freedom comes risk, a free population is in fact free to carry out acts that others find distasteful. You may hate our style of furniture, somehow I don’t think you’ll call and tell us to stop making it. Yet for some reason people will tell me I shouldn’t hunt. Furniture is somehow not offensive, even if you hate it, yet feeding ourselves the way mankind has done since before recorded history is suddenly taboo?

ad_rt2007_boar6_lSunrize Acres - Ted Nugent Pork Slam 2007 hosted by Sunrize Safaris

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Shown Above Eric Saperstein with 300+lb Wild Boar (Sow) Sunrize Acres, Jackson, Michigan November 2007

Keep tabs on our adventure blogs and hunting/fishing trips – we’ll be posting more information about some of the guide services, outposts, and camps Teri and I have enjoyed over the years. We’ll also be posting recopies as time allows, including wild game dishes. Coming soon is some tips and information about having a pig roast!

We’re also hoping to plan a range day with a few of our clients who expressed interest in learning to shoot – this summer if all goes well. If you too have an interest let us know, I have an NRA instructor’s certification, as do several other members of my hunting club. We can arrange an Artisans shooting day!

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