TODL Includes Artisans as Feature Artist …

TODL Includes Artisans as Feature Artist ...

The Trade Only Design Library ( has included Artisans of the Valley in this week’s Featured Manufacturers (Artists) providing a week long profile of our work for display to their full membership.

This round the featured our hand crafted custom English Library in solid mahogany, the restoration of a Louie XV circa 1750 bow front dresser, our solid walnut hand carved ram scene (Pattern by Lora S. Irish), and our solid oak custom made New Wave Gothic Desk.

TODL allows us to reach directly into the design industry. All of TODL’s features and broadcast mailings are part of Artisans’s master plan for marketing and branding our products and services. We’ve already established our presence as a dominating force on the internet for custom furniture, woodcarving, sculpture, and antique restoration. We’re continuing to leverage this position, constantly presenting our work and the work of our affiliates, suppliers, and well just plain cool stuff to maintain our position.

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  1. Artisans of the Valley’s website is not only aesthetic in the showing of their own craftsmanship but it is SOOOO informative and interesting showing craftsmanship of other artisans! I LOVE the walking sticks! Someday I am going to own one of those.

    The site is so informative that I can very easily lose track of time. It’s like reading a good book and here I am with a cup of tea and voila! time passes.

    Obviously Eric is also a really good person in the Causes that he supports.

    Joanne | May 6, 2009 | Reply

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