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Random Artistic Works

The nature of random works is just that, no particular reason just something for a creative outlet. Usually a direction for a desire to fidget or tinker with something a bit different. Stanley Saperstein's Minature Knives - Group Photo

A perfect example are these miniature knives were a self-challenge project for Stanley, who is fully trained in tool making. They feature carbon steal blades, with a variety of handles including bone, wood, to copper wrap. A fascinating experiment in small form, these are just another example of his creativity.

Hand Carved 3D Flower by Stanley Saperstein Closeup Hand Carved 3D Flower by Stanley Saperstein Hand Carved 3D Flower by Stanley Saperstein

Stanley Saperstein Posed with Flower Carving - 1997Artisans of the Valley - Purple Flower CarvingArtisans of the Valley - Purple Flower Carving Closeup

Periodically, Stanley sees an item, and decides to see if he can create it in wood. The flowers shown are hand carved in pieces and assembled to create an amazingly detailed wooden flower To the right, the purple flower is a feature of "Furniture Carver Expands Interest To Flower Carving" by Stanley D. Saperstein, 1997 "Chip Chats" describes his new interest in flower carving. Note the photo above left - a slightly younger Stanley!

Hand Carved Wooden SpoonsSpoon collecting is popular hobby throughout the US and the world. Hand made wooden spoons are available both new and antique, artists constantly producing new and unique pieces.

Stanley's ever expanding portfolio had to include at least a few hand carved spoons as shown.

Spoons are available by commission and may be engraved or personalized to offer a one of a kind gift for your favorite spoon collector.

Hand Carved Western Red Cedar Wooden Spoon

Hand Carved Wooden Chain - Carved from a single strip of woodAlthough we don't see any practical purpose to commission a hand made wooden chain, this early whittling project demonstrates Stanley's skills with a simple pocketknife. The actual links of this chain were carved from a single piece of wood, slowly hollowed out to form the interlocking links of a chain.

You probably couldn't pay him enough to take enough time to do this again, but he still loves to show it off and tell stories from his childhood summers whittling on his grandmother's farm in Hudson, NY.

Golf Ball Screamers - every golf ball contains a creature, that gives it personality and drive. The creature guides the ball, it is the ball - and you may not hear it but a golf ball screams every time it's hit. Wouldn't you scream if someone hit YOU with a club?

Curiosity overcame Stanley one day, and he wanted to know what was in a golf ball. So he found out, and low and behold there was a rubber compound that carved beautifully and took amazing detail.

So Stanley opened up a batch of golf balls from the local driving range and went to work. The little creatures took shape, and an army of golf balls was born. (Below Left)

Hand carved golf ball faces "screamers"Custom Asian Piercing on Rosewood Walking Staff by Artisans of the Valley - Bird in FlowersCustom Asian Piercing on Rosewood Walking Staff by Artisans of the Valley - FlowersCustom Asian Piercing on Rosewood Walking Staff by Artisans of the Valley - Staff View

Shown above right - this unique applique piercing is an intricate design with carving and burned in details. Piercing appliques can be in small scale to adorn the top of a staff, a small jewelry box, or scaled up to fix on a chest, a door, or as a unique framed work of art.

Check out more unique walking sticks, canes, and hiking staffs by Stanley D. Saperstein of Artisans of the Valley at

Ornaments & Appliques

Deer Ornament Applique Unfinished Deer Ornament Applique Stained

We can custom make ornaments and appliques using wildlife, figures, shapes, or other themes.

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