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Custom woodworking often calls for a vast set of skills, especially when built in pieces are involved. Since it is impossible for any one craftsman to become a master of everything, although we try, we have forged alliances with various artists in the area.

These affiliations allow us to offer extra services and details in our projects. We are happy to work with architects, builders, or other artists to complete their projects as well.

Below are links and information about various craftsmen we have worked with in the past, or are involved in our current projects. Please feel free to contact them directly. Services and products provided by our affiliates are solely of their responsibility.

In addition, we've provided a host of links to various woodworking and related resources. Sharing our experience, ideas, and projects with other unique sites many of whom kindly reciprocate with links to our website.

Our Affiliates Links will be expanding soon, providing profiles of several local artists, shops, and websites in much more detail. As time allows, we plan to turn this into a webring of sorts - continuing to maintain a detail and focus providing truly useful sites and not those full of pop-ups and flash advertising. We're anti-spam, and we won't link any sites residing on in advertising flooded free hosting platforms.

Please contact us to exchange links!

Rosemary Buczek's "The Gilded Quill" logo

Be mesmerized as the pen comes to life in this unique gallery of exquisite calligraphy hand lettering by Master Penmen, Rosemary Buczek of The Gilded Quill. Select prints of her calligraphic artwork and cards are available for purchase. You may also commission Rosemary for your next engagement, event, or unique gift as this hand lettering artist has created an exceptional selection of awards, monograms, invitations, elegant wedding seating charts, hand lettered & illuminated books and more.

Rosemary completed an amazing illuminated page for Eric Saperstein's official journeyman papers. Check back soon for a feature presentation of this work of out in our Company Background.

Journeyman Papers for Eric M. Saperstien of Artisans of the Valley by Rosemary Buczek

This illuminated page was created on handmade Parchment created by traditional methods. Parchment of this quality is rare today, available only from companies like Pergamena of Montgomery, NY. scroll example


Offering a complete service for Custom Gold Embossing & Desk Leather Replacement,Complete
line of Upholstery & Exotic hide leather. Retail & wholesale, Art frame conservatorship.

Heath's restoration handles Artisans leatherwork when we require new desktops or other special leather features!

Stearnsy Bears

Since 1981 the Stearns family has produced classic styled fine quality collectible teddy bears. Never more than a small family business, Stearnsy Bears have earned a reputation for becoming family heirlooms. For 27 years each Stearnsy teddy bear has been hand-crafted and it is still that way today. Today Charles and Vicky Stearns carry on the family tradition. One of the main things that have allows them to stay in business has been their ability to offer something unique to each collector. Although they do the same thing each day, they never turn out the same way. Stearnsy Bears offer a life time of enjoyment. Like all truly artistic works, they are expensive, but worth it.

Granny Grace was personally selected for Eric's mother Cindy. Granny, named for her personality, is known to be "Full of grace and glory" . (shown above) Granny Grace is a wonderful bear in an exquisite outfit. Her dress is from 1846 and is in mint condition. A true one of a kind piece. She is also wearing a vintage gray fox biting stole. They're not making them like this any more. Her hat is one that Vicky has put together and has a lovely vintage flower and feathers. She also is wearing antique (over a 100 years old) glasses. They have a cracked lens but Granny believes in the old tradition of waste not want not. She'll get some new glasses when the other lens breaks

Granny is around 22" tall, fully jointed, and made from premium German mohair. Granny Grace is not some fly by night Teddy but a bear of substance. She now resides in Cindy's "bear room," Eric's old bedroom, and will be a faithful companion and friend as the days go by.

The Furniture Mill - Pennington, NJ

The Furniture Mill of Ewing, NJ
Quality Stripping & Refinishing Services, outdoor furniture, gazebo's, lawn sheds, and other crafts. Phone: (609) 771-0274

Trenton Sheet Metal of Trenton, NJ; "While most of our work is industrial, Trenton Sheet Metal has long worked with artists and inventors, producing sculpture as well as prototype machinery. Our jobs range in complexity from covering church spires to making components for nuclear plants." Phone: 609-695-6328

A stainless steel bed fit for a rock star. Custom designed, cut, and fabricated by Trenton Sheet metal.

This is Artisans (Eric's) custom brass bar top featuring a drain channel and hand soldered joints.

Custom Sheetmetal Bed by Trenton Sheetmetal
Custom Brass Bartop by Trenton Sheetmetal

"If you can dream it, we can make it ... since 1912"

Permanent Reflections of Oak Ridge, NJ
"Since 1987, Permanent Reflections has excelled at bringing the finest residential and commercial interiors to life. We provide distinctive etched and carved artwork in glass, mirror and stone for the most discriminating designers and art collectors.

From architectural applications, furniture, wall hangings and sculpture, we are known for uncompromising integrity and passion for artistic excellence emphasized in every piece, each individually designed for specific interiors."

Custom hand carved glass wildlife scene by Randy Mardrus - in a bar by Eric Saperstein of Artisans of the Valley Custom hand carved glass swordfish scene by Randy Mardrus Custom hand carved glass mermaid scene by Randy Mardrus

he photos pictured here from the Permanent Reflections Website, see their gallery for lots more amazing pieces.

Diversatech Logo Image - Pennington, NJ

Diversatech recently partnered with Artisans of the Valley to design and fabricate custom grillwork for a New Wave Gothic Entertainment Center.

Custom solid oak new wave gothic entertainment center by Artisans of the ValleyCustom solid oak new wave gothic entertainment center by Artisans of the Valley

This piece features solid quarter sawn white oak highlighted by black iron style hardware. A perfect example of how interlaced trades create unique and diverse designs.

DIVERSATECH, Inc. had it's humble beginnings in 1984 when founder Haskel Zeloof, who was a college industrial arts teacher at the time, accepted an offer to design a product for Scott Paper Company. That first prototype, of a stainless paper towel dispenser, led to orders for large quantities of sheet metal parts that were designed, assembled and packaged in the dining room of Haskel's house in Trenton, NJ. The sheet metal fabrication had to be contracted out, as he had no shop in which to do the work. This proved to be very frustrating, as Haskel's high standards were hard to satisfy in the real world. In 1986, as the volume of orders increased, Haskel quit teaching and rented a 4,000 square foot space which he quickly filled with metal working equipment and eventually a roster of talented craftsmen to do the work to his high standards.

Nineteen years and many hundreds of thousands of parts later, Diversatech now operates out of a custom-built, 13,000 square foot, state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Pennington, NJ. Every aspect of precision sheet metal fabrication is carefully and accurately accomplished in-house: from state-of-the art CNC-based punching, bending and milling operations to flawless welding and powder coating processes. Haskel's wife, Beth, runs a parallel business of graphic design and illustration, allowing Diversatech to offer the convenience of "one stop shopping" for product design, development, production and promotion.

Will's Medieval Woodworking, or, on more formal occasions, the Master William McNaughton. As you might have guessed, I am active in a medieval re-creation group. My particular escape route is the Society for Creative Anachronism.

As a medieval artisan, I have been exploring the various forms of woodcraft as they were practiced in Western Europe, from the late Classical era through the Renaissance. For the past few years, my focus has been 16th-century English joinery, but within you will find notes on Italian, Norse, and German work as well. Logo - The woodworking superstore online! A full array of tools, parts, finishes, plans and other woodworking supplies.

Willard Brothers Lumber, Lawrenceville, NJ Logo

Willard Brothers is the premier lumberyard in the Trenton area, specializing in both milling local hardwood, brought in by their tree service division, and importing exotic wood. Willard's has been one of our primary suppliers for over 20 years. Willard's has a fully equip saw mill and kiln drying room.

Through their services, we can offer our customs the unique service of completing a commissioned project from a tree on their property. We will be happy to provide required dimensions to the mill operator. They also seem to have a never-ending supply of flitches, turning stock, and high quality rare plywood.

National Wood Carvers Association web site

EC Gallery Logo

Woodworkers Auction: The marketplace for woodworkers to share their exquisite handcrafted creations with home decorators and interior designers looking for unique home furnishings.

Woodworkers Auction Logo is a group of custom woodworkers of various sorts throughout the country combining within one search engine to draw specific traffic to their websites.

Handmade in America
Hand made isn't dead yet in America - check out this site for a variety of crafts made in American homes by American hands. Their motto:"American Hands creating products for Today's Enjoyment and Tomorrow's Keepsakes"

Top 100 Artists & Crafts Sites - Member Site
Links to a variety of woodworking sites around the US. is a collection of information and links focusing on every aspect of woodworking.

Robert Saperstein of Newtown, PA
Robert, Stanley's brother, specializes in stained glass works. He has completed hundreds of jobs ranging from Tiffany reproductions to mirrors to church windows. A meticulous expert in his trade, he doesn't work fast, but his pieces near or exceed perfection.

Robert is available for exclusive commissions, and may be subcontracted for our projects that require glasswork. Please contact Robert through Artisans. Examples of his work will be available soon!

Mountains Edge Copper Art

Mountains Edge Copper - Range HoodCharacteristic of traditional form and craftsmanship, our handcrafted copper range hoods assure an elevated visual appreciation of your kitchen and home. Created to accompany your kitchen design; the natural elegance and charm that our copper hoods illustrate, adds warmth and energy to your living space. Great kitchens are designed with comfort, functionality, individuality and style; so are our handcrafted copper hoods.

The Metal Peddler - LogoTheMetalPeddler Offers a Large Selection of Handmade Copper Pot Racks, Brass Pot Racks, Hanging Pot Racks,Wall Mounted Pot Racks, Pot Rack Hooks,Garden Accessories and Garden Art

All of our kitchen pot racks, range hoods, accessories & garden products are designed and beautifully handcrafted by Master Craftsman, Jason Fannin using solid copper or
brass, often reclaimed.

Specializing in copper & brass hanging pot racks, wall pot racks, copper range hoods, back splashes & copper tiles, copper gazing ball stands, water fountains, copper & brass rain chains and other garden art, we can also cater to our customers who would like copper or brass custom design!

Kathy's Braided Rugs - Image of Table in Kitchen with Braided RugKathy's Braided Rugs

Kathy's Braided Rugs is a small family owned business dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality braided rugs and accessories at a competitive price.

Our intent with this web site is to provide potential customers with knowledge about braided rugs and a medium by which they can contact us.

Marge's Braided Rugs - Image of Horse Rug

Marge's Braided Rugs

Heirloom quality ... Handmade of 100% new wool all Custom made...Your choice of size, style, scenes, and colors & reversible! logo image

Find news, information, services and resources of antiques, collectibles, glass, pottery, stamps, coins, toys, and more. logo image

Started in 2003 this site has been built as to be leader in the art e-business market. Now, it is hold by company 'Internet Technology Architecture and Development LLC' (InterTAD) formed in Delaware. Our mission is to provide a best place for global trading of all kind of artwork where practically any person can trade any masterpiece of art around the globe. logo image

Check out for some very unique and intricate wood turnings.

This website is devoted to Craftsman Router Crafter ornamental wood turners. I think the Craftsman Router Crafter is the cheapest and best ornamental woodturning lathe. With some accessories the Craftsman Router Crafter can do incredible twist work in novelties and staircase parts such as balusters and newel posts. You can make impressive hollow spiral novelties and stairwell parts in your spare time if you own or can get a Craftsman Router Crafter from eBay or other auction websites. Use the keyword 'Craftsman Router Crafter' when searching these auction websites. If you're lucky you may find one at a yard sale. Visit my 'how to' link and see how I do hollow spirals on useful novelties, balusters and newel posts. Your custom made balusters will be a one of a kind eye catching project that will be the envy of those who see them. It's a rare and enjoyable hobby. Begin your ornamental woodturning experience with a review of this website.

Bear Paw Quilt Company Logo Image

The Bear Paw Quilt Co. was established January 2002 in downtown Flora Illinois. What started out to be a hobby (the love of quilting) has now grown into 5 day per week life fulfillment, which is being able to pass along the art and love of quilting.

Bear Paw has expanded three times since we started in 2002, now fill three buildings with over 10,000 bolts of quilting and novelty fabric. As well as a great selection of sewing related gifts.

We now have 9 employees working at Bear Paw Quilt Co. that include 2 webmasters to handle our ever-increasing Internet business. Our policy is to make every visit to Bear Paw Quilt Co. (whether in person or online) an enjoyable experience.

So come join us today for a great experience and happy quilting. banner image

Browse the data base of great craft related websites across the Internet. Read craft business articles with the latest news from craft supply manufacturers, industry leaders and professional designers on new craft supplies, tips, techniques and designs for all fields of crafting. logo

Amateur or professional here is all the info you need about wood working.

Please contact us to exchange links!

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Artisans of the Valley - Logo ImageArtisans of the Valley specializes in museum quality antique restoration & reproduction, woodcarving, original design furniture, folk art carving, custom built-in furniture, and personalized walking sticks, staffs, & canes.

<p align="justify"><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="160" height="137" border="0" align="left"></a><a href="" target="_blank">Artisans of the Valley</a> specializes in museum quality antique restoration &amp; reproduction, woodcarving, original design furniture, folk art carving, custom built-in furniture, and personalized walking sticks, staffs, &amp; canes. </p>

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