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Artisans thrives on the creation of period furniture, each piece provides Stan & Eric an opportunity to challenge their skills and concentrate on crafting a work of art. Period furniture, as artwork, reflects the personality of the designers and craftsman that create these pieces. We are fashioning the antiques of the future, works that will last through daily use for generations; a concept truly lost in modern furniture, designed fall by the wayside, and apart, with changes in style.

This section provides of examples of our period work, each a previous commission or personal project. We have done our best to illustrate our period pieces through photographs and examples of carving and patterns, however there is no substitute for inspecting each piece personally. We maintain several pieces in our homes, shown as examples of our work, all are available by appointment. Our existing portfolio only serves as a guideline, displaying examples of our skills and creativity but not the limits. If you have ideas or suggestions for a work unlike any shown, do not hesitate to contact us. Our library includes an extensive array of photos and plans, and we're capable of designing new works from scratch.

Our 2002 Portfolio Piece, a custom Gothic Credence Table(View larger picture)In addition to the online gallery, the links below offer a glimpse into our creative process through a complete documentary of the Trinity Credence table, a 2002-Portfolio piece. This piece serves as a recent example of our work, providing us the honor of creating a memorial to a fellow woodworker, Captain Edward A. States of American Airlines Flight 587. The documentary contains detailed photos and descriptions of the conception through delivery, and in addition a brief history of Christian woodworking through the great periods. If you are considering a period commission, or stumbled on our site researching period furniture, this extensive documentary is worth your time to download and review.

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Links to view details of our of Credence Table project online:
For Dial-up Users Creating a Priceless Heirloom - Creating_A_Priceless_Heirloom_lres.pdf (2.3mb)
For High Speed Users Creating a Priceless Heirloom -
Creating_A_Priceless_Heirloom_hres.pdf (8.3mb)
Download printable version -
Creating_A_Priceless_Heirloom_hres.zip (8.2mb)

"Pilot's spirit lives on in wood" This PDF format article by Andrew Michael Romano features the dedication of the Trinity Credence Table published 11/18/03 in The Times.

Reproduction circa 1830 Duncan Phyfe Rolltop(Click for larger picture)Reproduction circa 1650 blanket Chest(View larger picture)

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