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Educational Resource Links

Visit " Furniture Styles's," for a series of essays and articles on the history, development and enduring traditions, periods and eras of home Furniture styles from around the world.

Woodworking Resources Links to a variety of woodworking resources, books, tools, and craftsmen.

Ned Hector — Free Black Colonial Soldier, Wagoneer, Respected Patriot, Hero.

Edward "Ned" Hector — Free Black Colonial Soldier, Wagoneer, Respected Patriot, Hero.

Have Ned Hector — a black revolutionary soldier from the Battle of Brandywine —

Come and visit your school, your class, or your event and give a historical dramatization of his life and times.

This presentation touches on such subjects as:

Reasons for the revolution
The Battle of Brandywine
General historical events
Blacks In the Revolution
Social & Technical Comparisons
And more!


For more information visit:
Noah Lewis

11 Wellington Road
Upper Darby, PA 19082-3320

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