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Traditional Boxes

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Our boxes now cover two pages!

Friesian Carved Desk Box Circa 1720

Fresian Carved Desk Box (click for larger photo)Friesian Deskbox Carving Closeup

The simple box form takes many shapes, and has countless uses. Storage for almost anything, or simple beauty. Artisans of the Valley hand crafts a variety of boxes - they make unique gifts or provide distinctive ornament for your home or office.

The geometric carved pattern makes this slant-top box most unusual. It is an exact museum-quality reproduction.

Hand Carved Walnut Music Box with Swiss Movement - Front ViewMusic Boxes

The music box has been an item of fascination for hundreds of years. Stanley recently decided to create his own box upon return from a woodcarving tour of Switzerland. This unique box features a Swiss movement, playing the song "Memories." In burl walnut with miniature bracket feet and an intricate hand carved monogrammed appliqu�.

Hand Carved Walnut Music Box with Swiss Movement - Carving close-upHand Carved Walnut Music Box with Swiss Movement - Top ViewHand Carved Walnut Music Box with Swiss Movement - Shown Open

Bible Boxes

Hand Carved Walnut Bible Box - Front Strait ViewHand Carved Walnut Bible Box - Front AngleHand Carved Walnut Bible Box - Simple Lid View

The circa 1640 Bible Box pictured above left is a reproduction of one found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Moving right, these are the boxes using the same theme all showing unique grain and a custom fit for specific storage requirements.

Custom Solid Walnut Hand Carved Bible Box - Front Carving Pattern

Custom Solid Walnut Hand Carved Bible Box - Lid Carving PatternHand Carved Walnut Biblebox

These boxes were used in every colonial home, housing the family Bible, records, special documents, and even prized seeds. These boxes are very rare today; they are for the most part owned by museums and collectors.

Hand Carved Pine BibleBoxHand Carved Oak Bible box

Hand Carved Walnut Bible Box - Lid OpenHand Carved Walnut Bible Box - Front Forward Angle

Above Left is one of Stanley's first boxes was featured in an early "Chip Chat's" magazine. 17th Century Bible Box (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required) This pattern was always one of Stanley's favorites, but for some reason it took almost 25 years before someone decided to commission one.

In Progress Custom Hand Carved Poplar Bible Box Stain Applied by Unfinished

In Progress Custom Hand Carved Poplar Bible Box - CompletedIn Progress Custom Hand Carved Poplar Bible Box With Model

In Progress Custom Hand Carved Poplar Bible BoxIn Progress Custom Hand Carved Poplar Bible Box Front Panel Zoom

Finally in April of 2005 we received a request, and began work towards the end of the month. The layout was enlarged to meet the specs for an oversize heirloom family bible. Wooden hinges will be used on this pine box with a sugar pine face. Shown below - the larger box is clamped to set the wooden hinges.

Artisans of the Valley custom makes Bible Boxes with modern or wooden hinges to the client's specifications. Available with a traditional family initial is carved in the center of the box, a selection of our standard patterns, or original designs. These boxes are ideal as jewelry boxes, desk boxes, and mantle displays.

Stamp & Relic Boxes

Hand Carved Relic BoxHand Carved Walnut Stamp BoxHand Carved Relic Box

A Medieval tradition was for the church to offer "pieces of a saint" for keepsakes. Relic boxes were developed as ornate containers for these heirlooms, often found later to be fakes.

The miniature boxes evolved to store any number of small items, including stamps required for various colonial tariffs.

Chalice Box

Hand Carved Chalice boxA unique hand carved chalice box made a gift for a priest. The function of this specialized box is to safely transport the required elements of Communion, brought to those whom are unable to reach the church.

Custom Cherry and Walnut Gun Case (Click for larger picture)

Gun Cases & Cowboy Carts

This custom cherry and walnut gun case houses an original 1841 Wesson target rifle. The case is modeled after the custom cases carried by the United States Sharpshooters in the Civil War. Compartments fit the rifle, power measures, and accoutrements required to operate this antique target rifle. Artisans can custom make and carve display cases for your firearms, knives, swords, etc including glass lids when required for safety. Gun cases can feature carving patterns of all sorts from wildlife to western to initials, etc.Solid Mahogany Gun Cart (Click for larger picture)

Cowboy Action Shooting Pose (Eric Saperstein)In addition to standard cases, we can create cowboy carts, required for necessity and bragging rights at any Single Action Shooting Society - Cowboy Action Shooting event.

This solid mahogany cart belongs to Eric "Haz Mat" Saperstein, a SASS member and cowboy shooter. Featuring an eagle carving on the front, and alias on the top the cart transports several long guns, revolvers, ammunition, and accoutrements safely and easily with a locking ammo box seat.

Solid Mahogany Gun Cart - Front View (Click for larger picture)Solid Mahogany Gun Cart - Top View (Click for larger picture)

We can custom design and hand carve cowboy carts based on your specific requirements. Note the cowboy, Eric, that's sitting!

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