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Religious Furniture

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Custom Solid Oak Gothic Credence Table at Trinity ChurchEpiscopal Credence Table, an Original Gothic Design

Religious and fraternal furniture always takes on a special meaning; these pieces accept the persona of ceremony and participate in religious occasions from regular services to weddings, to funerals to holidays. Religious piece lasts for generations, not just a few functional years in a home, so we tend to embed more of ourselves as the artists into these works then we will an entertainment center. We see them as our legacy, or how by future generations will judge us as craftsmen.

Shield Closeup - Custom Solid Oak Gothic Credence Table

Artisans has experience working with organizations to design and produce artistic furniture as reproductions or original designs. Specializing in period pieces, we can reproduce Romanesque, Gothic, & Mission pieces with "fake" quality accuracy or as modern renditions. We always take care to ensure each piece represents your logos & symbolism, ensuring continuity in your ceremonies, services, and dcor. Additionally, we understand the special procedures and extended timelines for designs, approvals, and fund raising.

Cross Applique Closeup - Custom Solid Oak Gothic Credence Table

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge religious carvings and woodworking, including the origins of our designs and tools. In fact, woodworking as a whole owes much of its development to religious works of the Romanesque and Gothic periods. The peak of the High Gothic era brought forth thousands of ornate religious architecture through the spances of Europe, the Asian territories and the better part of Russia, each following suit with unique developments allowing woodworking to flourish growing ever more intricate.

Custom Solid Oak Gothic Credence Table

Our 2002-portfolio piece is a Gothic Credence Table for Trinity Church of Princeton, NJ, an 1860's Gothic Revival Style cathedral. This original design by Stanley Saperstein represents a Gothic era reproduction in solid oak with a wide range of hand carving. Accents include dogwood in guilloche, acanthus leaves, scrollwork, rope carving, and an Episcopal shield. This piece serves as a memorial to Captain Edward A. States, pilot of American Airlines Flight 587 that was tragically lost in Belle Harbor, NY during November of 2001.

Bible Carving Closeup - Custom Solid Oak Gothic Credence Table
Scrollwork Carving Closeup - Custom Solid Oak Gothic Credence Table
Acanthus Leaf Carving Closeup - Custom Solid Oak Gothic Credence Table

Feature Articles on Trinity's Table

"Gothic credence table - an original design" by Eric M. Saperstein printed September - October 2003 Chip Chats including reprint of "Pilot's Spirit lives on in wood." by Andrew Michael Romano, The Times, Trenton, NJ 2002.

"Pilot's spirit lives on in wood" This PDF format article by Andrew Michael Romano features the dedication of the Trinity Credence Table published 11/18/03 in The Times.

Design Team - Custom Oak Credence or Communion TableThe photos on this page offer a glimpse of the finished piece, however we are offering a twenty-four page photo-illustrated documentary of the creation of this heirloom design from conception to delivery in a full color printable PDF format. This documentary includes a history of our design, all the carvings on the piece, construction methods, and additional details.

Links to view documentary online:
For Dial-up Users Creating a Priceless Heirloom - Creating_A_Priceless_Heirloom_lres.pdf (2.3mb)
For High Speed Users Creating a Priceless Heirloom -
Creating_A_Priceless_Heirloom_hres.pdf (8.3mb)
Download printable version - (8.2mb)

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