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Construction Startup

Artisans of the Valley Contract Description - Traffic Light GraphicWe will send you a notification when we are approximately 1-2 months from starting your piece. You may defer startup and be bumped one step back in line only once. Additional deferrals will result in your project returning to the end of the line and we reserve the right to reevaluate your estimates.

If a significant time has passed from your initial deposit, we will reevaluate materials costs before startup. We will notify you of any changes in materials cost, lumber is a commodity and changes are usually small, but do affect costs.

Artisans of the Valley Contract Description - Pile of solid oak lumberAt this time, a 50% deposit will be required before work begins. This deposit covers all materials required and a portion of the labor. Materials purchase will take place when your payment clears, cash payments will speed up the process if timing is tight. We will not order your materials until your deposit clears.

Artisans of the Valley Contract Description - jointwork example on radial arm sawWe will provide a start date upon receipt of your deposit, and an estimated delivery date. We always do our best to meet or beat our deadlines, and we will notify you if for any reason we will be off schedule. We will not rush a project to completion; this places safety and quality in jeopardy.

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