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Contract & Disclaimer Phase

Artisans of the Valley contract descriptions - cartoon graphic of contractAll commissioned works require an upfront contract without exception. The contract protects both Artisans and the client. Your contract package will contain our generic text, as well as complete copies of the final drawings, materials estimates, labor costs, finishing specifications, and installation or transportation requirements. Final pricing will be included in the contract for Artisans work; work contracted to our affiliates will be included as additional items payable directly to our affiliates.

Artisans of The Valley - General Contract

A 10% deposit will be required upon signing of the contract. This will buy your place in line. As with many small artistic shops, our work is done one piece at a time. We very rarely run multiple large projects in our shop simultaneously. However, we will have several projects at various stages. Customers commissioning a work must complete each step as described in this section. In some cases, we can start right away, but more often, there are a few customers ahead. Our shop is usually working with around three months lead-time on average. The date of your deposit serves as your place in line.

All deposits are non-refundable, however you may apply this deposit towards a commission up to one year after we receive payment; less expenses. We do our best to be understanding; if your circumstances change while waiting for a piece contact us as soon as possible.

We are always available to make repairs on our pieces, many under warrantee, but we cannot assure you that solid wood will not develop defects in time. To most solid wood lovers, this is part of the beauty of the piece and such characteristics are common in antiques. In fact, we have made pieces that look like they were distressed for a hundred years the day of delivery to suit the tastes of some clients. The beauty of solid wood is in its imperfection. Any workmanship defects will be corrected free of charge.

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