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Cribbage Game Board - Hand Made Original Design Top Side view

Custom Cribbage Board

Since our feature article in the Trenton Times in January of 2002 Artisans has received a variety of unique requests. We found we're one of the few shops in the region that offer our clients an opportunity to bring their unique ideas into a wooden reality. In the past, we've done some small jobs for magicians, thespians, gamers, and collectors by creating custom gaming theatrical props. Always unique and fascinating requests, we are happy to entertain any such idea.

Cribbage Game Board - Hand Made Original Design - Top View

Cribbage Game Board - Hand Made Original Design - Closeup on Cards in "Perfect 29" format

Eric's roots in gaming trace back to a childhood business casting lead soldiers and figures. Starting in the early 80's this old time hobby introduced him to the small business world. Creating chess sets, dioramas, gaming pieces, and collector's pieces cast in solid lead, tin, or pewter. As the equipment is still in our shop, these items can be commissioned by special request.

One of our clients followed through with his desire to create a handcrafted cribbage board, entering Artisans back into the gaming business. Cribbage, an old English card game, requires the use of a score keeping board. Boards range in size, complexity, and design per player's personality and tastes, staying within the rules of the game.

Cribbage Game Board - Hand Made Original Design - Pegs Zoom

Apparently, there is a large selection of production boards available on the market today, but no overwhelming number of truly unique forms. Artisans created our client's design in solid walnut, with maple tracks. The pegs are hand carved icons with a "Jack" figurehead. A custom red white and blue finish completes the project. Entirely unique, this one of a kind piece reflects our clients taste for a hand made folk art, and will serve as both a great conversation and a functional piece.

Circa 1865 M-1860 Calvary Saber and Foot Soldier's Sword

Artisans of the Valley - Civil War Sword Restoration

Artisans of the Valley - Civil War Sword Restoration

This Solinger German (top sword) marked S&K saber arrived with its leather handle missing and wire wrapping broken. The blade was covered in light rust with minimal pitting and the scabbard was originally browned, now ruff or "fuzzed" to the touch due to lack of maintenance. Conservation: Black leather wrap and brass wire were replaced on handle. Blade de-rusted and waxed and buffed.

This rare Foot Soldiers Sword (bottom of upper photo, middle lower) arrived with a heavy ruffed surface on blade with minimal pitting, handle and wrapping in good condition. Conservation: Browned sword surface was buffed, re-browned, and waxed to excellent condition.

Artisans of the Valley - Civil War Sword Restoration

Model Horse - This is not an antique, and obviously has nothing to do with woodworking. It's a plastic model, pretty much a band new plastic model. It's hear an example that almost anything can be fixed, especially when there's a clean break. Some carefully epoxy work and within a few minutes this horse was back to new again after a nasty spill off an entertainment center.

Horse Figure Restoration - Before
Horse Figure Restoration - broken leg
Horse Figure Restoration - Completed
Horse Figure Restoration - Completed Zoom

Revolutionary War - Window Diorama - This was a reasonably simple project - the diorama background was crushed during years of neglect. A Stanley painting project, the background isn't worth anything special and was not only torn and crushed but beginning to show significant signs of deterioration. Replacement was the most resource effective option, so a new background was painted. These eclectic projects keep us entertained with seemingly unlimited diversity.

Gaming and Diorama Restoration - Before Gaming and Diorama Restoration - Completed

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