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Historic Presentations - Historic Speaking

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Stan Saperstein & Cindy Saperstein - Historic Civil War Renactment Hopewell Valley Central High School

Stanley and wife Cindy provide an interactive lecture series to school's throughout the area. This recent article shows them in period dress after their presentation for Hopewell Valley Schools.

Camp Olden's 2004 Speaker List

Download Stanley's Printable Tri-fold Brochure in PDF format here!

Stan Saperstein providing Historic Presentation on Early American Woodworking at Bordentown Historical Society

Historic presentations span military, folk stories, antiques, furniture, and many other topics.

One-hour sessions are available in Central New Jersey and Eastern, PA for $100; other locations are available including expense reimbursement.

Historic Speaking - Stanley's presentation series includes a variety of interesting topics, presented as historic lectures ending in a round table question and answer session.

The American Civil War a living History

Stan Saperstein & Fred Minus presenting Living History of USCT - 1st Person portrayal of a colored solider by Fred Minus

Stan Saperstein (left) standing with 1st Sergeant Fred Minus presenting in living history format; Meet a colored solider of the USCT as portrayed by Fred Minus. The story of slavery and the role of slaves and the free colored will be told in a first person presentation.

Stanley Saperstein presents US Sharpshooter Uniform

Stanley presents 1st Sergeant Wyman White, a green coat United States Sharpshooter. His presentation includes the uniform, the weapons, and an animated 1st person account of the Civil War from a sharpshooter's point of view.

Stanley Saperstein presenting US Sharpshooter Sharps Rifle

Left - Stanley shows his reproduction Sharps .54 Caliber rifle, an exact replica of those used by Civil War Sharpshooters.

This class includes Stanley's wife Cindy providing the women's side of the war. Cindy also presents the language of fans, the women's use of this simple tool to silently present her intentions and feelings.

Cindy Saperstein - Civil War DressCindy Saperstein Civil War Dress with Fan

"Sharpshooters" Lecture & Interactive Discussion -

Sharpshooters, Stan Saperstein Cover Image Discuss the US Sharpshooters in detail, and engage in an interactive discussion with Author Stanley D. Saperstein. The book lecture series will begin by request in 2003 as soon as the hardbacks arrive from the printer. Lecture will include author's thoughts on the book, and details about the historic content. Questions may be presented in advance or through the presentation.

Tribal American: A History of the First Americans From the Ice Age to 1900.

Offered by the Evergreen Forum

We will study the culture, society, and everyday lives of various American Indian tribes and see how environmental conditions shaped their way of life and how the interaction of European and tribal culture shaped the new nation. Among the topics to be considered are the great chiefs and the wars from 1680 to 1880.

Course Outline

Class 1: Introduction to the first Americans. The ice age, trail blazers, people of the desert, the mound builders and whale hunters

Class 2: The coming of the Europeans

Class 3: North East Tribes: the Iroquois and lake tribes

Class 4: The Way of the Warrior

Class 5: The Spirit World

Class 7: Western Tribes

Class 8: The people of the desert

Class 9: The way of the woman

Class 10: The Great Chiefs

Colonial Social & Economic Development - This discussion focuses on the development of trades in the North and South. The historic discussion evolves from the essentials of blacksmiths, coopers, tanners, farmers, etc and the interactions of the various crafts and methods of bartering. Developing into luxury trades including silversmiths, furniture makers, tailors, and wig makers.

The American Revolution - Debate the deciding factors in the call to Revolution and learn details of how citizen soldiers defeated the most powerful army in the world. Military tactics and decisive battles, and historic facts.

Stan Saperstein - Delaware River Washington Crossing Park

Stan Saperstein - Revolutionary War Renactment

Portraying a character, speeches, or lecture hall style debates Stanley's vast knowledge of the American Revolution serves to catalyze discussions in countless directions.

Stan Saperstein providing Historic Presentation on Early American Woodworking at Bordentown Historical Society

A Concise History of American Period Furniture - Discuss the development of Early American furniture and the great periods covering Jacobean through Federal and the methods of hand crafting and finishing.

Presentations from Lecture at Bordentown Historical Society October 2003

The Concise History of American Period Furniture - HTML Version

The Concise History of Early American Furniture.PDF

Antique Restoration - Learn to discern antiques from reproductions and theories on restoration and how to maintain your furniture.


American Folk Humor - Tall tales, big lies, fish stories, and country humor. Classics like "Pissing in the snow," "Pa ain't gonna like it," and the "Great woodchuck stomp." This colorful adult humor lecture will lighten your mood and bring a good laugh to the crowd.

Derivations of Common Expressions - The derivation of old time words and phrases, told in short humorous stories. How did the most common words and phrases evolve in our language. For example, the story of the dollar and the countless slang terms to describe money. Where did "kick the bucket" and "OK" originate, and "why don't we know beans?"

| Impressions | Presentations | Demonstrations |

| Historic Speaking |

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