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Section Under Construction … more to come soon!

Under Construction Tung Oil Section

Under Construction Shellac Section

Oak Finish Template Plain, Jacobean Stain, Garnet Shellac, Tinted Waterlox Tung Oil

Unfinished Oak

Jacobean Stain

Garnet Shellac

Tinted Waterlox Tung Oil

Artisans finishing process is unlike any industry standard, its almost a lost art consisting of layers of hand rubbing and polishing to produce the look of a well cared for antique. Prior to wood concealing lacquers, urethanes, and epoxies that merely sit atop the surface of the wood obscuring the true beauty much like a cataract, woodworkers finished furniture with a process that highlighted the grain and brought out nature’s artwork within.

This section explains the basics of a hand rubbed finish, none of which are secretes as they have been around for hundreds of years. Modern applications of these artistic processes are now almost solely in the hands of the highly skilled armature, as mass production pushed aside these time consuming yet time proven techniques for the fast track fast drying modern sprays. Artisans stubbornly holds true to the antique finishes and their applications, and offers heirloom quality finishes on all our reproductions and restorations.

Section Under Construction … more to come soon!

Features will include applications of Minwax penetrating stains, Hand Cut Shellac by, Tung Oil finishes by, and final waxed layers by

We'll also include a section on furniture care and methods of detecting issues such as powder post beetles and their impact on your furniture.

Power Post Beetle Damage

Power Post Beetle Damage

Powder Post Beetle Damage

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