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Our table gallery includes a variety of different designs, trestles, four legs, lowboys, Queen Anne, kitchen and dining. We can offer a wide variety of custom tables in any size your situation calls for .

Be sure to check out our Gothic Tables & Gaming tables at the links above.

Hand Made Custom Solid Oak Gothic Credence or Communion Table Hand Made Custom Solid Oak Gothic Credence or Communion Table In Place

Our 2002-portfolio piece is a Gothic Credence Table an 1860's Gothic Revival Style cathedral. This original design by Stanley Saperstein represents a Gothic era reproduction in solid oak with a wide range of hand carving. See a feature documentary of this table join our Religious Furniture section.

Queen Anne Lowboy - Hand Carved Solid Walnut

Carved Solid Walnut

Queen Anne Lowboy
Circa 1714

The Lowboy, of solid walnut with hand-carved front drawers and solid brass pulls, is one of the most beautiful pieces of period furniture. It is a true artists piece to own.

Circa 1714
This Queen Anne walnut lowboy was a project made by Stanley and one of his apprentices, Bill Charlie Troutman.

Queen Anne Gate Leg Dining Table

The original of this drop-leaf table is in the Governor's Palace at Williamsburg, Virginia. The table is perfect for small rooms; its leaves fold down, leaving a 54"x24" table. Open, the oval top is 70"x54".

Queen Anne Mahogany Drop Leaf Gate Leg Dining Table Closed Queen Anne Mahogany Drop Leaf Gate Leg Dining Table Open

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Queen Anne Tea Table (click for larger photo)

Queen Anne Tea Table
Circa 1705

This custom made walnut tea table has delicate spoon foot cabriolet legs and a floating piecrust top. The piece shown was made from a walnut tree cut down by Stanley and a friend.

Pieces such as this are individualized artistic reproductions, the compound full cabriolet skirt work is hand carved, resulting in subtle differences distinguishing each one ever made.

Butler Table

These are not so common anymore, but used to be a mainstay of many households. The butler's table is just that - a table that allows a servant to bring a complete setting from the kitchen to the living room and retire it when appropriate. Available in all common hardwoods in custom measurements.

Hand Made Butler Table Tray Up Hand Made Butler Table Tray Down

Circa 1760 Colonial Candle Stand

Candle Stand
Circa 1760

Candle stands were found in all colonial homes and remain popular today. Although no longer practical, they have a beauty and grace that endear them as fine decorations. Candle stands may be made in every size and description, from a simple design to the fine Georgian mahogany stand pictured above.

Country Oak Table

The mainstay of the country kitchen was the sturdy oak harvest table. Available with marble top, which makes it the perfect dough-rolling table.

Country Oak Table (click for larger photo)

County Oak Dining or Kitchen Table in Setting

County Oak Dining or Kitchen Table in Setting

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Country Pine Harvest Table

Country Pine Four Leg Harvest Table

A simple Pine Harvest table, with no carving to speak of just basic turned legs, plank top, and simple apron.

Tables with four legs can support marble or granite tops, and are also available with tin or copper as well.

Available in any custom size, with or without skirt carving. Legs available as turnings, tapered, or square designs.

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Tile Trestle Table

Tile Top Trestle Table Zoom

Tile Top Trestle Table

This unique table (top left) is a modern adaptation of country and colonial. Hand-painted Portuguese tiles of country items are the theme, set into an "I" Beam trestle table.

Measuring 48"x31" table is a real decorator piece represents the popular country chic style. An original client design, at the suggestion of Anita and John O'Brien of Pennington, New Jersey.

Standard Trestle Tables

Shown left (bottom), this simple oak plank trestle table is equally simplistic in structure and design without the tile table top.

Custom Made Simple Oak Country Trestle Table

Tables are available with marble or granite tops (handled by a third party) as Double leg I-beam designs for strength. These tables are even available in tin or copper tops.

Custom sizes available per your requirements, including adjustments in height for special settings or physical accommodations.

I Beam Trestle Table (Click for larger view)

End tables and coffee tables are also available as trestle designs. These 8/4" oak tables are robust to say the least. Oversize mortis and tenon joint work ensures longevity and strength.

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