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Custom Hand Carved Menorah by Stanley D. Saperstein of Artisans of the ValleyCustom Menorahs

This menorah is a personal and original creation of Stanley Saperstein based on David's harp. This piece was a gift to his wife Cindy. Hand carved palm leaf arms in basswood with a burl walnut base, the features include a stain glass Star of David, wire inlays, and brass candleholders.

Custom Oak Torah Stand - CompletedTorah Reading Stand

This modern torah stand was custom designed for a Messianic temple in Philadelphia to proudly display an antique Holocaust survival Torah. Their scrolls are almost four feet long, requiring a reading stand larger than those commercially available. Artisans collaborated with members of the congregation to complete the design for this combination solid oak and oak plywood design to be finished in golden oak.

See this piece under construction, designed to be a congregation heirloom in high quality oak plywood and solid oak.

Oak Torah Table - In Progress View 1 Oak Torah Table - In Progress View 2
Oak Torah Table - In Progress View 2 Oak Torah Table - In Progress View 4
Oak Torah Table - In Progress View 5

Torah Stand and Oak Ark(click for larger view)This project was in conjunction with the solid oak Ark pictured below. This closed base torah stand and Rabbi's podium are both in furniture grade oak plywood with solid oak trim. The photos are old, but show the basic form of the units.

Oak Torah Stand
Oak Rabbi's Podium
Torah Stand, Ark, and Oak Ark

The Ark

Birch Ark with padauk door panels incise carved with the ten commandments

This birch ark featuring the symbolism of the Ten Commandments in padauk panel doors was designed by a friend of Stanley's and built in with the cooperation of both parties. A unique open base design, the unit is a European design concept. The open design Ark was common to European temples as it was more easily moved than a fully enclosed unit was.

This custom solid golden oak ark was made as Eric's bar mitzvah project in honor of his late Grandfather Bernard Popkin, shown right with his wife Florence.

Raised panel doors with arched tablet style top and square base. Hand rubbed finish, and plenty of room for a large torah.

The unit features carved symbolism of Ten Commandments and an incised Star of David. The photos of this piece are rather old, so we apologize for the low quality.

Custom Solid Oak Ark - Incised Hand Carving of the Ten Commandments - Dedication in loving memory of Bernard & Florence Popkin

Custom Solid Oak Ark - Incised Hand Carving of the Ten Commandments

Custom Hand Carved Chalice BoxChalice Box

A unique hand carved chalice box made a gift for a priest. Used to carry the required elements of Communion to those unable to reach the church.

Custom Hand Carved Circa 1680 Walnut Bible Box

The Bible circa 1680 Box pictured here is a reproduction of one found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. These boxes were used in every colonial home, housing the family Bible, records, special documents, and even prized seeds. These boxes are very rare today; they are for the most part owned by museums and collectors. Artisans custom makes Bible Boxes with wooden hinges to the client's specifications. The Family initial is carved in the center of the box. These boxes are ideal as jewelry boxes. Additional bible, relic, and desk box examples can be found at the following link:

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