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Gunstocks & Artillery

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Gallery of Gunstocks

Hand Carved Shotgun Stock by Artisans of the Valley Eagle with Flag

Hand Carved Gunstock - Dog and Pheasant Gunstock carving

Hand Carved Gunstock - Hunting Scene

Hand Carved Gunstock - Leafwork

Hand Carved Gunstock - Bear Gunstock carvingHand Carved Gunstock - Elk SceneHand Carved Gunstock - Dog and Pheasant Gunstock carving

Plaques and displays are also available; check our Signs and Displays section for more details.

Hand carved white tale deer scene doule barrel shotgun plaque

This feature plaque will show off an 1875 Shiloh Sharpes Rifle - check back soon to see this as a finished project. In the meantime, it's available in our wildlife carving section in progress.

Hand Carved Wildlife Buffalo Scene Panel In Progress With Frame and Rifle Test Fit

Stanley's Double Barrel Flint Lock

Double Barrel Shotgun (Click for larger picture) Shotgun Kit (Click for larger picture)

Pictured to the left is one of Stanley's favorite guns, a swivel barrel rifle he assembled from a kit for his Timothy Murphy impression.

Completing all the woodworking and carving, including a hand carved cheek rest, in solid tiger maple resulting in a beautiful hand rubbed stock.

We're not gunsmiths, but we can recommend some very good ones and provide our services for finishing and carving gunstocks to gunsmiths or individuals assembling kits or completing restorations.

Stanley Saperstein as Tim Murphy - Artisans of the Valley Educational ServicesStanley Saperstein as Tim Murphy - Artisans of the Valley Educational ServicesStanley Saperstein as Tim Murphy - Artisans of the Valley Educational Services

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Artisans of the Valley
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