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Example wood saw mill in operationWe're working on a "Sawmill Tour" article that will describe the various methods of milling and drying lumber including definitions of quarter sawn, rift sawn, face cut, kiln dried, etc. Look for this article online shortly!

Our goal is to explain the processes that takes wood from the forest to furniture. From massive Georgia Pacific scale outfits to a guy, a truck, and a band saw mill leaves space for dozens of scales, sizes, kilns, automation techniques, and configurations of saws, debarkers, loaders, trucks, lumberjacks and operators. Without all these preliminary steps, hardworking people, and all sorts of machines ... we can't make furniture.

Image of trees in forrest for sawmill articleImage of logs in stack for sawmill articleImage of lumber stack for sawmill article

Sawmill line drawing graphic for article example

Beaver dam photo

Example of a plain sawn log cutting pattern for wood saw mill articleExample of a plain sawn and quarter sawn log cutting pattern for wood saw mill article

Methods of Cutting & Debarking

Sawm mill in operation rip sawSawm mill in operation cross cut saw

Sawm mill in operationSawm mill in operationSawm mill in operation

Water power wheel for sawmill example graphic image

Methods of Power

Two man sawmill in operation

Human Power

Waterwheel power example for sawmill

Water Power

Steam tractorl power example for sawmill

Steam Power

Old fashioned gas motor power example for sawmill

First Combustion Engine Power

We've just gotten started! You haven't seen pit saws, chainsaw mills, hydraulic systems, and who knows how many other methods of cutting wood!

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