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Insurance Estimates

Professional estimates for shipping or moving damage, fire, flood, weather, etc.

Antiques are subject to damage from a variety of actions, moving, water leaks, fire, abuse, or vandalism. In many of these cases, the piece is protected by insurance. Obtaining appropriate reimbursement from an insurance company requires a detailed evaluation and repair estimate from a legitimate antique repair specialist. Artisans provides such as service to antique owners, decorators, restoration companies, as well as insurance companies.

Our estimation services are available for $150 for a local site visit, this includes one hour total (travel and onsite time) additional time runs $100/hr. We will provide a free verbal insurance estimate for any piece brought to our shop for evaluation, written formal estimates are $50 per piece.

These fees cover our time and expenses involved with completing a full evaluation and written detail including photographs on Artisans letterhead listing our NJ Contractors License. We will include confirmation to your insurance or moving company that our services are available to complete the actual repairs.

We should mention, our insurance estimation services are handled with great scrutiny. We will asses the piece and attempt to determine the cause of damage. Often pieces arriving from overseas display environmental stress damage due to drastic changes in immediately or sometimes up to a year after delivery.

We're happy to repair a piece with damage of this nature if feasible, but, we will not submit our name behind any claim placing liability on the mover or insurance company within these circumstances.

Please note: We will apply up to $50 of any estimate fee towards the repair services on any restoration totaling $500 or more.

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