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Artisans is one of a handful of shops that will reproduce antique parts. Our carving skills allow us to replace missing toes or complete ball and claw, spoon, or lion's paw feet as well as missing pieces of fretwork, carving, or other lost or damaged parts.

Shown below is an exact duplicate of a hand carved ball and claw foot for completed an antique dealer. If a dealer or individual can acquire a damaged piece at a substantial discount, Artisans can bring the piece back to good or excellent condition by replacing complex missing pieces.

Hand Caring - Period Reproduction and Antique Restoration Exact Duplicate Ball and Claw Foot on Pedestal Leg

Pie Crust Table

This Pie crust table arrived with broken toes and missing pieces of the crust molding, as well as a worn off finish on the surface with several stains and scars.

Fitting missing sections of the crust one by one only as needed. The goal is to preserve as much of the original molding as possible.

Before and After Restoration by Artisans of the Valley - Pie Crus Tabletop - WholeBefore and After Restoration by Artisans of the Valley - Pie Crus Tabletop - Crust Zoom

A template is taken for each one, then the replacement part ruff cut, and hand fitted into place. They are then glued, and carved to fit after the glue has cured.

Each of the missing toes were carefully replaced, carved, and color blended, and refinished carefully preserving the finish on the rest of the table that is still in good condition.

Before and After Restoration by Artisans of the Valley - Ball and Claw Toe RestorationArtisans of the Valley Restoration - Ornate Hand Carving on Antique Chair Restoration

Chair Restoration

The reproduction of the missing hand carving work on this otherwise excellent condition chair blended perfectly after finishing. We often handle parts replacement for other restoration shops and local antique dealers such as this chair project.

Matching Carved Trim

Hand Carved molding replacment for antique restoration

Anyone for a game of shells? One of these is the original the rest are reproductions. If we did our job, it's hard to tell which is which. Small carving projects like this are easy to ship anywhere, but we do require an actual sample whenever possible to ensure an accurate duplication - especially if finish and color match is involved.

Chess Set Restoration

Want a second chance? One knight is an original from a Jaques of London antique chess set in perfect condition, one was missing it's entire snout, the third - well it was missing just the base came to our shop. Which is which?

Knight from Jaques of London antique chess set(click for larger picture)

1849 Jaques Staunton chess set
1849 Jaques Staunton chess set(View larger picture)
Adobe Acrobat Reader needed to view this document You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF Document listed below.

Restoration of the knights above, and this rare 1849 Jaques Staunton chess set was a unique treat for Stanley & Eric - a first time game restoration project.

The set is the 9th out of 300 sets, and currently the 2nd oldest known existing set. The set arrived with sixteen damaged pieces, missing various chips, pips, and crosses

The details of this restoration, and before and after shots are featured in this article an article scheduled for publication in the Chess Collector's International newsletter entitled "Restoration of the Game. " Check out the chess collectors site at

Chair Splicing This heirloom came in just short of a shoe box, a small Shaker rocker missing various vital parts and pieces. To most a total loss, but there should be no doubt after looking at these that more can be done than meets the eye to turn back the time on an eye soar. Our client in this case is another finishing shop - so we'll post shots of the final product finished and caned as soon as available!

Shaker Chair Before Shaker Chair After
Shaker Rocker Restoration - Before Restoration Shaker Rocker Restoration - Rail Replacment Completed
Missing Parts Close-ups (Two Zooms on Double Click!) Replaced Parts Close-ups

Shaker Rocker Restoration - Before Restoration Zoom

Shaker Rocker Restoration - Before Restoration Zoom

Shaker Rocker Restoration - After Restoration

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