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Restoration Gallery

Welcome to our Restoration Gallery.

We have expanded this section and separated it into categories.

Please check the links to the left to find the appropriate category and you will find your item!

Special announcement!

Restoration - Dog chew damage - Before Restoration - Dog chew damage - After

Artisans of the Valley Onsite Restoration Services - Cartoon Dog Smiling with Huge Teeth in rewards for dogs who chew furnitur and get us a job!Artisans of the Valley is now offering a reward of two bones to any dog that earns us a restoration project of $200 or more. In addition, we will compensate all participating dogs for time served in a kennels or pens as a result of their chewing actions. In the event a dogs owner begins to reject their pet for such actions, we will assist in getting each dog asylum or placement into an appropriate protection program.

Download a Printable PDF Format Restoration Brochure Click Here!

This section is Artisans' restoration gallery contains examples of our conservation services. If you just arrived at our site, please take a moment to review our restoration philosophy at the following link: the_philosophy_of_restoration.pdf

Recently, we started providing this document to all our new client's to explain our conservation services and ensure our methods are clearly understood prior to completing the work. Artisans will always take the time to educate our clients on our field, and ensure every decision is made based on accurate and honest advice.

We work with each client to determine the best course of action for their piece considering value, history, damage, budgets, and other concerns. Below are examples of our recent or current work, as well as completed conservation documentaries. Overall there are several pages (links top and bottom to page numbers) that illustrate examples of our work.

Completed Conservation Documentaries

Artisans offers a unique service on restoration services for true antiques, we provide a photo illustrated conservation documentary describing the original condition of the piece in detail, a conservation plan, and condition after restoration. This documentary also includes an insurance value appraisal to provide a basis for loss protection insurance. Examples of our conservation documentaries are provided in the links below.

A circa 1750 Chippendale Secretary A circa 1850 Shenandoah Jelly Cupboard
Viking Chest Finished(View larger picture) Viking Chest Finished(View larger picture)
Adobe Acrobat Reader needed to view this document Related Documentary Adobe Acrobat Reader needed to view this document Related Documentary
Adobe Acrobat Reader needed to view this document You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the above PDF documents.

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