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Shiloh Prairie – A unique hand carved scene featuring an 1874 Sharps Rifle »

“Shiloh Prairie” – A unique hand carved panoramic prairie scene featuring an 1874 Sharps Rifle by Eric M. Saperstein of Artisans of the Valley


Corner Unit Reincarnation – Restoration Profile »

Typical of the restoration candidates that make their way into our shop this corner unit was shy of mint condition on arrival. It was incredibly dry, the back was loose, the doors loose, panels falling out. The paint was flaking and deteriorated, finish was almost gone and just dirt and grime covering the piece. Pieces like this are often plucked from demolition projects, they can often be found in reclamation yards or auctions when a house is about to be torn down.

Share BLOG Feature notes Artisans of the Valley’s EBRU-TV Debut » BLOG Feature notes Artisans of the Valley’s EBRU-TV Debut


An Interview With by Artisans’ Eric M. Saperstein »

Artisans’ Master Craftsman Eric M. Saperstein recently got the opportunity to interview with Air Tool Review is a leading educational resource, review and industry news site for everything that´s of interests to professionals and hobbyists that work with air tools. From novice to professional, this site has something for everyone.


Three Legged Louie – Louie XV That is … »

Artisans of the Valley Restoration – Louie XV Commode Circa 1750This is a circa 1750 Louie XV Commode – arriving as a 3-legged version of its original form this piece had been broken in one of the most common situations … moving! The formula is very simple: Three moves = one fire.