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What’s new at the Queenstown Gallery? »

The final phase’s of Eric’s Masters Papers has been completed – the hand illuminated parchment has been mounted by The Queenstown Gallery in a custom solid oak shaddow box frame by Artisans of the Valley. Check out a preview feature of this project on our blog site; we’ll be releasing a feature article on the project soon! When the time comes to display your treasures, consider a custom made frame or shadow box.


The Birth of Artemis – Hand crafted custom knives by Jay Fisher »

Jay Fisher designs and creates world class custom knives, by hand and from the heart. This is a blog feature discussing Jay as an artist and the commission of a one-of-a-kind knife deemed as “Artemis” for Artisans of the Valley’s Master Craftsman Eric M. Saperstein.


Self Searching is a Critical Artist’s Marketing Tool! »

Scanning the internet for your website, your business, your content, your names, products, etc. is a critical part of modern marketing. This is a few quick examples of how the content of has been implemented by other websites, blogs, etc. with mutually benefitial results.


Personalized Walking Sticks – These go FAR beyond a medical necessity! »

In the approaching 25 years that Stanley has been carving custom walking sticks, staffs, and canes we have never had a client who didn’t absolutely love carrying a personalized cane. Many have offered us the feedback that they alost never go out in public without someone commenting on their now prized possession, asking about it and sparking conversations and often finding them new friends. We’ve also been told that Stanley’s canes have saved our clients from many a fall, saving a great deal of pain!


Mohawk Technical News Flash May 8th, 2009 – An offical “Artisans’ Reblogging” »

New economy, new enivironment, new products – thus – new techniques to deal with it all! We’re kicking off Artisans’ blog of information with four technical Tips on the use of Mohawk’s new Waterborne (Greenguard) finishing products.

Share – Marketing & Business Resource to Artists »

One of my recent “Twitter Finds” is Alyson B. Stanfield – business and marketing consultant to artists. As an author, consultant, blogger, etc. she provides skills that quite frankly many artists lack! Check out here website: for more information. An extract for her bio is below!


The sticks are picked … the 1st “Walk for Pat” commission is underway! »

We’ve just confirmed the first commission under our “A Cause for Walking Sticks” initiative! This is a very special commission for four hand crafted walking sticks by Stanley D. Saperstein; four uniquely personalized gifts that beyond the artistic and forthcoming sentimental value will convey our client’s desire to support Rory Fanning and above all the Pat Tillman Foundation.


Artisans is on SlideShare – Are you? »

The internet has obviously gone well beyond a place to post information; we’ve passed from the information age into the social networking age. The interlinking of personal and business lives with an unprecedented ability to exchange information ranging from the pointless to the severely relevant is at our fingertips 24 hours a day. is a great tool to host relevant information!


Cane News – The Cane and Walking Stick Magazine »

Earlier today I discovered a great website when wandering through the referral logs on called Cane News – available at Operated by Simon J. Paulson, Editor, and Irene de Leva, Assistant Editor this unique site exists to share the art, the history, the fashion, and embellishment of canes and walking sticks. The site […]


WTF? (um … the politically correct version) – Is this Flattery or Theft? »

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery right? Yeah maybe, but it’s still kind of annoying when you find it’s happening to you!