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What have we been up to? »

So our posting has been a bit sporadic – that doesn’t mean we’re off that map we’ve actually been quite busy! There’s a lot to say and we haven’t really had the required time to properly present it. So – here we go with a new series of blog entries which will lead up to another newsletter, followed but some fun announcements and special issues this summer.


Artisans Fine Woodworking Blog Feature! »

Check out Arielle Tonkin’s article “Using Communications Media to Broadcast Your Business” – Artisans of the Valley is mentioned as an example of how to gain exposure through the media. “Thus far on The Pro Shop, we’ve emphasized “leveraging” your marketing efforts: getting the broadest visibility and reach for the amount of resources (both time […]


Artisans Quarterly Review Vol 4 Issue 1 »

Artisans Quarterly Review Volume 4 Issue 1 by Artisans of the Valley became available as of February 20, 2011 and may be accessed with any PDF viewer by clicking on the following links or pasting them into our browser. Newsletter Link: The table of contents for this Isssue is as follows for the 1st Qtr of 2011: 2010 […]