We’re Kickstarting a Kickstarter Campaign!

Manzanita Burl Bowl #15OK – let’s talk American small business and artwork! We, Artisans of the Valley, have kickstarted a campaign on Kickstarter … we need a new lathe and apparently this is a method to get some funding! We are among the last of the true professional craftsman; we focus primarily on hand made museum quality custom furniture, sculpture, carvings, turnings, and antique restorations.

Please read the details of our campaign, we’re offering a generous rewards system that basically is pre-selling our bowls, vases, and vessels in order to fund the purchase of a new lathe.

Manzanita Burl Bowl #1This is an opportunity to get a great deal as we’ll be giving rewards that are “at least” the value of your contribution. This is a hint – you’re going to make out very well as we’ll make sure we overshoot with your return on investment. One of our feature materials is “Manzanita Burl” – a stubborn material full of tenacity and random inclusions that once tamed produces an amazing array of color and texture.

Please take a moment – if you’re able to help fund this project it will support us as artists and we will provide a great return on your investment.


Artisans of the Valley


Splated Copper Beech Bowl #3 Manzanita Burl Bowl #12
Manzanita Burl Bowl #16 Maple Burl Bowl #1
Spalted Maple Rice Bowl Splated Copper Beech Bowl #2
Splated Copper Beech Bowl #1 Manzanita Burl Bowl #5

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