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Artisans of the Valley Quarterly Review Newsletter – Vol 2 Issue 3 Released! »

Artisans Quarterly Review Volume 2 Issue 3 by Artisans of the Valley is available as of August 31, 2009 and may be accessed with any PDF viewer by clicking on the following links or pasting them into our browser.


Architectural Accents – Leverage Visual Appeal & Continuity in Furniture and Architecture. »

Designers, home owners, builders, architects: If you’re involved in any project requiring a unique hand detailed architectural feature, Artisan of the Valley is offering a complete line of architectural products in a vast array of styles, shapes, and sizes including corbels, moldings, columns, capitals, pilasters, appliqués, rosettes. The line has been dubbed “Artisans Architecturals,” and is central to our plans to extend into new lines of business as well as new markets.