Artisans Turnings

Artisans of the Valley is announcing the launch of our new collection of abstract and original turnings including bowls, vessels, vases, and ornaments. Our new limited artistic line is a spin-off (figuratively and literally) from our ongoing custom furniture, restoration, and woodcarving work. This has inspired our new website, which will host our online gallery, artistic videos, and our story.

Our goal is to produce an entirely unique, innovated, and inspiring collection of pieces using sustainable, repurposed, and locally harvested materials. Our first limited release features a variety of manzanita turnings exhibiting the vibrancy of color and contrast of texture contained within an otherwise discarded California scrub tree being harvested in conjunction with efforts to create fire breaks and prevent incursion on roadways.

Manzanita is prized for its beauty, yet repelled for its erratic behaviors, random and potentially dangerous inclusions, and unstable growth patterns. Wood turners are often inspired to attempt working this material, while drawn to its potential most are subdued and repent for their actions. Master craftsmen Eric M. Saperstein and Michael Pietras refuse to submit, and have begun the journey to tame this medium.

“From Brush to Bowl” is a short video illustrating the artistic process of creation. This shows a 70lb manzanita burl from its original form transitioning to an original bowl of art.

We are releasing pieces from our 2014 collection in our debut gallery event at Fortuna Fine Arts, LTD in New York, NY on October 9th. In addition we are offering a limited number of pieces at the Olana Museum in Hudson, NY. At this time we are seeking venues to exhibit our 2014 and 2015 collections and extending the option for direct purchase of a select inventory.

Please contact us for more information on an exhibition or for the purchase of a piece.

Thank you,

Eric M. Saperstein
Master Craftsman
Artisans of the Valley


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