Artisans Quarterly Review – Volume 5 issue 4 – 2012 is now Released!

Welcome to Artisans of the Valley’s
Artisans Quarterly Review Volume 5 Issue 4 – 2012

Artisans Quarterly Review is released four times a year, and we periodically send out special announcements to keep everyone up to date. Each issue features a unique variety of articles, images, and events. We enjoy interactions with our clients, affiliated artists, and our suppliers. We welcome ideas and submissions for content!

Table of Contents
The End of Days – 2012

Still Standing After Sandy
Don’t Throw it Out!
Ashley & Connor’s Drive
More of Mike’s Maki’s
Artisans Goes Log Scavenging
Princeton Refractory Tables Finished
Hand Turned Ornaments
Artist Thomas Whistance
A Trailer Incident
So You’ve Found Mold
Artist C.A. Shofed
“Common Thread” – Art Show!
Repurpose for Display
Wood Inventory Show Off
The Mistletoe 5K Race
WWII Statue Restoration
There Are Zombies Among Us
Dinner Dates
The World Lives On
Looking Ahead at 2013


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