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Military Artifact & Equipment Restorations

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Master Craftsmen Stan Saperstein's historic interests and Re-Enacting lead him towards research and restoration experience with Military artifacts. Serving as Director of Preservation for several local museums including The National Museum of the American Revolution, Camp Olden, The Sons of Revolutionary War Veterans, and The NJ National Guard 112th Field Artillery brought on multiple restoration projects. Check back soon for more details on our museum work.

Circa 1865 M-1860 Calvary Saber and Foot Soldier's Sword

Artisans of the Valley Sword Restoration - Swords Completed

This Solinger German (top sword) marked S&K saber arrived with its leather handle missing and wire wrapping broken. The blade was covered in light rust with minimal pitting and the scabbard was originally browned, now ruff or "fuzzed" to the touch due to lack of maintenance. Conservation: Black leather wrap and brass wire were replaced on handle. Blade de-rusted and waxed and buffed.

Sword Conservation Documentary

Click here for a PDF Version

This rare Foot Soldiers Sword (bottom of upper photo, middle lower) arrived with a heavy ruffed surface on blade with minimal pitting, handle and wrapping in good condition. Conservation: Browned sword surface was buffed, re-browned, and waxed to excellent condition.

Artisans of the Valley Sword Restoration - Swords CompletedArtisans of the Valley Sword Restoration - Swords Before and After Image

'03 Springfield and M14 stocks
'03 Springfield and M14 stocks(View larger picture)

Gunstock Restoration

These '03 Springfield and M14 stocks received some much needed care and attention. We're handled dozens of these to date. Restoration is simply a sanding and refinishing process, removing the entire original finish per request of the museum. Coloring was reapplied using the appropriate stain per US Army specifications. With over fifty years of dirt and grime and abuse removed, these pieces will be displayed at the NJ National Guard Armory Museum at Eggart's Crossing in Lawrenceville, NJ. along with other rifles, armor, and artillery. For Gunstock Carvings...

Artisans of the Valley Custom Shotgun Display Panel by Eric M. Saperstein Whitetail Deer Scene

Featuring a double barrel open hammer shotgun, this whitetail deer scene on a crude oak panel is inspired by Lora S. Irish carving patterns to show off this recently restored antique firearm. A whitetail buck and a young spike overlook young does crossing past nearby.

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