What have we been up to?

So our posting has been a bit sporadic – that doesn’t mean we’re off that map we’ve actually been quite busy! There’s a lot to say and we haven’t really had the required time to properly present it. So – here we go with a new series of blog entries which will lead up to another newsletter, followed but some fun announcements and special issues this summer.

Woodworker Michael PietrasWhat have we been up to? Well we have a new guy on the team, Michael Pietras who’s back to Hopewell Township from the Cayman Islands. Mike will be offering a diverse set of skills including furniture design, joinery, restoration, carving, finishing, and repair. He’ll also be adding a modern twist to our portfolio including the implementation of concrete, glass, and some other unique materials.

Dana OxenbergSeems we have a new shop girl hanging around quite a bit, Dana Oxenberg has been inventive with jewelry boxes and some other projects. Dana is a unique and independent creature, one who enjoys organization and putting her OCD to good use. Dana made her debut in our last newsletter; and also traveled to NYC with us last week to reveal another fun project.

We’ve got a ton of restorations going on, a few pending carving projects, and oh we’re gonna be on national television hitting a potential of 97 million homes  through Animal Planet this summer. We just finished a day on set for the reveal of a unique commission for their new show “Tanked.” When the show airs this summer turtle will make more sense.

More details of a lot of projects are pending!



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