… and the blog goes live!

Today marks our new dedicated server coming online. This includes a DNS update that brings our blog online.

Our Offical blog link is: www.artisansofthevalley.com/blog/

Our blog will be less formal than our main website and our newsletter. The game plan will be to inspire interaction. We’ll insert extracts from various sources and links to the full text and ask for feedback. We’ll answer your questions, please feel free to email us and we’ll do our best to post the Q&A. We’re also lining up some guest bloggers, and planning to feature highlights from various upcoming expiations.

Also on the horizon are announcements – such as: Artisans will be participating in Hopewell Boro’s Green Market Day on April 18th. Info can be found at: http://www.hopewellvalleygreenmarket.org/

We’re looking forward to blogging with you all!


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