Artisans Dragon Panel Restoration – Feature on

Our Dragon Panel Restoration was featured today on’s blog site in a feature inspired by “The Year of the Dragon” (Link Below) … 2012 is The Year of the Dragon.

“In Chinese astrology, the year of your birth always has a corresponding animal attached to it. Simultaneously, that animal is linked to one of the five elements of earth, water, fire,wood, or metal. Depending upon the exact specifications of when you were born, you could be a Tiger in Earth Cycle or a Rabbit in Wood Cycle or a variety of other combinations. It’s this combination that gives you your specific astrological characteristics.”  – From the blog article.

Check out this article for features of various artists inspired by the Dragon!

Dragon Panel Restored

Dragon Panel Restored

Dragon Panel Before RestorationDragon Panel Before Restoration

Dragon Panel Before Restoration


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