Artisans of the Valley Quarterly Review Newsletter – Vol 2 Issue 3 Released!

Artisans Quarterly Review is Artisans of the Valley’s Quarterly Newsletter. Every quarter we feature a variety of articles ranging from the obvious self promotional to features of our affiliates and other artists we’ve found interest in. We’ll show off projects, discuss topics, and present news. We strive for unique content in every issue, and we’re not bound by any convention that says we must stick to woodworking, really there are no rules! We’ll also be having cross medium articles, those referring to and from the newsletter, website, and our blog for more information about a given topic and also noting related articles.

Newsletter Link: Artisans_Quarterly_Review_Vol2_Issue3_2009.pdf

Artisans Quarterly Review is released only four times a year, and we only send a few special announcements in addition. Please don’t be afraid of a flood of email from us, we’re far to busy in the shop to spend our day filling your inbox!

This quarters table of contents is as follows:

Editor’s Blog
Its About Time for TV!
Sustainable Furniture
Wood Porn (Talarico Hardwoods)
The Kayaking Commissioner
Klise Mfg gets FSC Certified
Finishing Artemis
Chip Chats Feature; Safari Chest
Revitalizing Golden Oak
Kim’s Picks
Slide Popularity
Green Market Day
The Solar Tree Project
Green Sawing
Framing Papers Finished!
Sticking to Home Schooling
Blog Topics

Artisans Quarterly Review Volume 2 Issue 3 by Artisans of the Valley is available as of August 31, 2009 and may be accessed with any PDF viewer by clicking on the following links or pasting them into our browser.

Artisans of the Valley offers museum quality period reproductions, original designs by commission, and antique restoration/conservation services, hand carving, modern furniture refinishing, onsite furniture repair, handmade walking sticks, and educational programs. Starting in 2009 Artisans is now offering a full line of architectural elements and furniture maintenance products. Our website includes galleries, feature articles, educational sections, a company background, and our new adventure album. We extend an open invitation to explore our site, and contact us directly with any inquiries or questions you may have.


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Thank you for your time, your business, and your support!


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