Artisans of the Valley Re-Ups TODL at 3,200+ Designer Leads

TODL_Oct2009_Artisans_SnapshotArtisans of the Valley joined the Trade Only Design Library, launching our presence into this world wide specification database on Election Day of 2008. We’ll be re-upping our membership and continuing our relationship with TODL having reached the a milestone of over 3,200 inquiries for our products and services. 2009 has opened the door to many new relationships – these firms are now fully aware of our capabilities.

2009 has been a tough year for everyone in our industry – we’ve lost some affiliates, suppliers, and of course some competition given the economy. That’s always a given unfortunately in the climate we’ve been experiencing, but it’s also a clensing that provides opportunity. Artisans is still standing – keeping our costs minimized and the quality of our restoration and custom commission services high. We’re here for our clients whenever they are ready!

2010 is approaching quickly an we’ll be reaching out to all the contacts we have made to discuss their pending projects. Our marketing phone campaign will begin in November and hopefully complete by year end. We’ll be contacting all the firms who directly requested phone/email contact throughout the year.

Our designer porfolio has been updated to reflect the latest newsletters and new pieces in our portfolio througout the year. We’re waiting for the EBRU-TV video to be able to add that as a special feature as well. Given we’ve gotten great feedback on the format of our CD porfolio we’re not planning any major facelifts we’ll just continue to update the content.

We have been looking to include some designer features and profiles within our blog site and newsletter as well. We’re hoping 2010 brings on new relationships and great new ideas for such content. Please contact us if you have any exciting products, press releases, or unique articles that you would like to promote. We’re pleased to be able to support our affiliates!

For more information about the Trade Only Design Library ( contact Bernadette Bumpers at or (727) 441-2060.

This image is owned by Trade Only Design Library ( all rights are reserved; representation on this website is to provide an example of the marketing services provided by TODL and of the ongoing marketing efforts of Artisans of the Valley. Please contact TODL for information about opportunities for manufacturers and designers. For information about Artisans – you can contact us directly!



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