Artisans of the Valley – Storm and Flood Damage Furniture Restoration and Insurance EvaluationServices

October left our region with a major disaster; our hearts go out to all of those who lost so much during hurricane Sandy.

Artisans came through with a short disruption in power and the loss of a few trees, no complaints here. We maintain most of our offsite storage at Buxton’s Boxes which was built with proper drainage and to withstand the winds, everything we have on hand remained safe throughout the storm. The first response teams, utilities, and government crews all busted their asses to keep things going and get the power back on. Thank you!

Artisans will be ready to take on restoration projects from the storm as well as to provide custom furniture to replace what was lost. See below for more hints and tips for storm damage situations.

We are also ramping up scavenging and salvage operations to begin to take in logs from storm fall, construction, or well any reason a tree may have to fall. See page two for details of our pending log reclamation projects.

Artisans is available to provide assistance in evaluating storm, flood, fire, or “creative human” damaged furniture. Don’t throw it out until we’ve had a chance to check it out. We’re good at fixing stuff! When it comes to your heirlooms and treasures restoration and refinishing is often within reach event after smoke or submersion damage.

We can provide an onsite evaluation or with detailed photos to give an reasonable estimate on restoration feasibility and costs. We’re geared up to take on the next wave of restorations. Although, we actually still have work in progress and pending from Irene last summer. Our goal is to work with our clients, insurance companies, and contractors to time restorations so that our delivery is scheduled close to when your homes are back to life.

Keep in mind when you have a flood damage situation it is critical to mitigate mold and moisture damage as quickly as possible. When we collect your furniture we will quickly remove all upholstery and run the piece through a chemical process to kill all the mold and bacteria. The furniture will then be stored for several months allowing it to dry out and re-acclimate before restoration begins. This is critical to ensure the wood returns to a reasonable moisture level, finishing wet wood will not provide a good result.

Contact us to work with your insurance adjusters to provide estimates for recovery, storage, and restoration. Don’t consider a treasure lost until we have had a chance to check it out! We will give you an honest assessment of the pieces and let you know if we feel we can restore it.

To expedite insurance evaluation requests please contact Eric M. Saperstein at 609-658-2955


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