Artisans Quarterly Review Vol 4 Issue 3 – 2011

Artisans Quarterly Review is our ongoing newsletter, it features articles about projects, affiliates, our lives, and just whatever we feel like including. It serves as a record of Artisans, we don’t go back and change history so whatever happens happens! We go on and tell the story as it evolves.

Editors Media Blitz

This issue is going to be somewhat media centric. We’ve been in the newspapers, blogs, featured on an assortment of our affiliates websites, AND … we’re on TV! The media is an interesting animal to care for; we’ve been feeding this creature for a while hoping it will grow as we nourish it with stories from our lives and tales of our artistic adventures.
Features include articles in The Times, The Hopewell Valley News,,,,,,, Animal Planet’s “Tanked”, and … what’s pending … well that’s a surprise so stick around!

2011 has brought us good luck with publicity as well as fun projects and new opportunities. We always have a lot more in the works, as it’s been said before “this is NOT the last you’ll hear from us!” We’re ripe for reality TV! We have the cast of characters, the interesting projects, the ironic events, adventures are constant, and we’re certainly a dysfunctional family chuck full of whit and banter! So what network is interested in picking up a show called “American Artisans” … ???

2011 on Air Q3 – Table of Contents

Editors Media Blitz

Artisans & Animal Planet “

Tanked” Airtimes

Artisans gets “Tanked”

The “Sea Chest Bed”

The “Reveal”

The Blending of Art & Wine

Horton Brasses Hand Hammered Hardware

Features of Artisans

Wrong about the Princess?

Silver Clay & Turquoise Stones

Brown’s Upholstery

Building the “Sea Chest Bed” THE MAGGIE B.

Waterlox Finishes the Sea Chest

A Little Wax for the Wear

It’s All About the Fish

Nancy Glass Productions

BenSalz Productions

Thanks for Getting us Tanked

You Know Klise is Involved

Willard Brothers Lumber

W.C. Forge & The Sign Smith

Kitten Adoption Updates

Noodler’s First Swim

Closing Notes

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