Artisans Quarterly Review Vol 5 Issue 1 2012


Welcome to Artisans of the Valley’s “Artisans Quarterly Review Vol 5 Issue 1 2012”

Artisans Quarterly Review is released four times a year, and we periodically send out special announcements to keep everyone up to date. We enjoy interactions with our clients, affiliated artists, and our suppliers. We welcome ideas and submissions for content!

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Special Announcement: Artisans has been “Tanked AGAIN!” … we’ll be featured on Animal Planet’s series “Tanked” in the upcoming season two. Starting on Saturday April 14th, 2012 at 9pm … the second season is a full twenty episodes! We’ll send out a special email broadcast when we know which episode we’ll be a part of. Meanwhile here’s the link to the season two trailer:

And we have 2012

  • It’s All About the Wood
  • The Blending of Art & Wine 2012
  • Let the Games FLIP?! (Feature)
  • An Upgrade to the Sequence Chest
  • Cribbage Revisited
  • Gaming Tables to BE!
  • 375 Year Old Oak Bible Boxes
  • The Box Review
  • This Old Sideboard
  • Pamela Ptak – Wearable Sculpture
  • ChazMaTazz Formal Wear
  • James Lear Photography
  • Hopewell Valley Vineyards Ships!
  • Mixing Pallets
  • Modern Oak Table Refinish
  • Thanks for Getting us Tanked AGAIN!
  • Wood Scavenging – Off to the Mill!
  • Interesting Osage Facts
  • What Do We Do With This Wood?
  • Paulownia Pending
  • WHAT? Toy Trucks in Afghanistan?
  • Congrats to The Velvet Elvis!

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Artisans Quarterly Review Previous Issues: Vol 4 Issue 4 – 2011, Vol 4 Issue 3 – 2011, Vol 4 Issue 2 – 2011, Vol 4 Issue 1 – 2011, Visit our Newletter Page for archived releases!

Thank you for your time, your business, and your support!

Eric M. Saperstein

Master Craftsman

Artisans of the Valley




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