Artisans Quarterly Review Volume 4 Issue 2


Welcome to Artisans of the Valley’s “Artisans Quarterly Review”Artisans Quarterly Review Volume 4 Issue 2 by Artisans of the Valley is now available, please click on the table of contents links below to read articles of interest!


Artisans Takes on the Capital

Artisans of the will be making regular appearances at our state capital to maintain and preserve some of our state’s historic woodwork and ensure its function and beauty for current and future generations.

Klise Beat us to the Hill

Artisans is a retailer for Klise Manufacturing; a world renowned supplier of high quality hardwood components. We discovered that it’s likely that Klise made the original bead molding in NJ’s Capital!

Working on Another TV Show Project

We’re covertly working on a project for Animal Planet’s “Tanked” – a Nancy Glass Production featuring the world famous ATM Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

Fine Woodworking & Hopewell Valley news Features

Find some tips from Artisans on artist marking through the use of local and national media resources on and check us out in the Hopewell Valley News!

Artisans is Back Onsite

with his studio work Michael will be tackling high end onsite projects. When your valuable antiques need minor repairs or can not be moved to our shop; you need a visit from Mike!

Dana now a Veteran of Hardwood

Our new shop girl decided it was time for some home improvements, somehow we’re thinking dating a woodworker may have had some influence on her decision to install hardwood flooring.

Aliens and Rebels Among Us

Walking Sticks never stop walking out of our shop, check out our new alien friend and a few more additions to the troops of southern Colonel’s and Rebels.

Artisans @ Art All Night

Eric M. Saperstein and Michael Pietras both participated in “Art All Night” – a Trenton New Jersey festival of music and art. Check out the pieces we presented at the show.


Check out a really big chess set, a restored headboard setup from an antique fireplace screen, and a family’s heirloom travel trunk restored and converted into a cedar chest.

What Will We Do With This Wood?

Artisans is going modern! We’re going to do an experiment using this amazing piece of waterfall bubinga! Stay tuned to watch this project develop into a whole new branch of artistic creations.

Simple Signs

Just a reminder, Artisans can design and produce a variety of hand crafted or machine cut signs and displays!

Animal Artisans

We’re not all about wood, sometimes we need something to pet that’s a little softer and furrier. So, we’re announcing the launch of a Artisans Foundation for Animal Welfare!

A few Interesting Scrolls

A few kitten adoption success stories just have make anyone’s day a little better. We figured we’d show off a few of the critters we’ve fostered happily in the arms of their new families!

The Magic of Chair Repair

Check out a unique and intricate repair on a highly detailed inlaid mahogany chair. These type of restorations require a lot of time and care to handle correctly.

Renaissance Wax

Artisans would like to remind you all that we’re a retailer for the world’s best museum quality wax products. Renaissance Wax is the industry’s elite wax for furniture, artwork, and heirloom collectables.

Blue Fly’s Blog

Our friend Patricia Edel, mistress of fish, and one of Alaska’s prized guides is launching a new blog site. Check out for more of her adventures!

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