Artisans Quarterly Review Volume 5 Issue 2 – 2012

Welcome to Artisans of the Valley’s Artisans Quarterly Review Vol 5 Issue 2 2012

Artisans Quarterly Review is released four times a year, and we periodically send out special announcements to keep everyone up to date. Each issue features a unique variety of articles, images, and events. We enjoy interactions with our clients, affiliated artists, and our suppliers. We welcome ideas and submissions for content!

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2012 Continues
• Migrating to New Markets
• Tanked Revealed Again
• Preparing to Blend Art & Wine
• Wine & Spine!?
• Let’s Make the World Sharper
• Lineup for Purchase
• Artisans Art All Night 2012
• Mixing Pallets
• Slabs of Game
• Drunken Chess
• Solid American Walnut Chest
• Culture & Heritage Feature
• Plaques & Signs
• Slabs in Progress
• Introducing Pheasant Wood
• Stopping Oak Barrels
• Rosewood Table Restoration
• Chopsticks & Maki Boards
• A Little Sharper World
• Standing Pens
• Iron & Wood Tapping Beer
• Bedding in White
• Like us on FaceBook!
• What’s Coming – In Q3

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Artisans will be on the grounds of Hopewell Valley Vineyards on June 2nd & 3rd from 12pm – 5pm each day.

We’ll be showing off our Bubinga over Concrete Table, a concrete dovetail bench, two unique cedar slab gaming tables with concrete bases, a modern four post bed, a walnut block front chest, a “druken chess set”, and a variety of other unique pieces. June us for a glass of wine and a preview of our new portfolio!

Also an important reminder to artists – the CALL FOR ARTISTS remains open for
The Blending of Art & Wine on June 2/3rd.
Please contact us for more information on displaying your work!

Click Here to Download Artisans Booklet “Mini-Portfolio” a Printable PDF Cross Section of our Entire Portfolio:

Thank you for your time, your business, and your support!

Eric M. Saperstein
Master Craftsman
Artisans of the Valley


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