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The Trade Only Design Library (TODL) Featured Artisans’ Restoration Services in a broadcast email yesterday morning. TODL’s commitment to green design is illustrated by their ongoing programs designed to encourage manufacturers, artists, and designers to actively produce and implement environmentally sound products and services.

TODL’s Green Director Kim Gordon LEED AP heads the efforts and ensures that all products featured meet her requirements. Kim maintains open relationships will TODL’s product base (us – the artists and manufactures!) and provides assistance, ideas, and guidance over our procedures and policies.

To date, debuting November 4th, 2008,  Artisans has received 2235 requests for information through TODL. We present our “Green Notes” to each inquiry. Within this feature portfolio, Artisans discusses our role in providing restoration services to bring new life and function into furniture. Restoration vs. replacement is a method for anyone to reduce the waste sent to landfills and reduce consumption of new materials. Artisans also offers commissions using sustainable lumber.

We are constantly working with our suppliers, especially those offering finishes, to test and implement less or even non-toxic chemicals. Artisans offers water based stains from Mohawk & Van Technologies, as well as VOC complaint Waterlox tung oil varnish finishes. Not to mention our love of shellac, which is an entirely natural and environmentally safe product.

Artisans’ Master Craftsman Eric M. Saperstein is active in a variety of wildlife preservation programs as well as forestry, grasslands programs, and supports local fish & game management. We’re all in this environment together, the more of us that learn to take care of it the longer we may have to enjoy it!

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