Bob Eigenrauch – Master Chainsaw Carver


ws_cs_bobsailer1_lStan and Eric met Bob Eigenrauch in the late 1980’s when he joined the Central Jersey Wood Carvers. Bob was in the Tree service business and wanted to learn basic carving so he could use the vast store of wood he had access to. Stan invited him to his shop, Artisans of the Valley, and got him started.

Bob’s goal was to become a chain saw carver, and before long he was bringing early attempts around to the shop for critiquing. Over several years, Stanley watched him slowly improve by practice, and through taking anatomy courses in both the human figure and wild life forms. We then lost touch, schedules being what they are for a few years until Bob emerged again as an accomplished chainsaw carver; today we can safely rank him as one of the Masters!

Artisans is now featuring a full gallery of chainsaw carvings, featuring Bob Eigenrauch as the primary artist. Galleries include Figures, Wildlife, Fish, Horses, Birds, Totems & Tikis, Signs, and Mailboxes. Artisans will be accepting commissions for carvings similar to those shown in our galleries, as well as unique and original commissions.

We’re proud to show off Bob’s work – and to have him as one of our affiliates! The gallery below is a few samples from his portfolio, and we’ve also included links to Bob’s feature PDF portfolio and to his work in our Chainsaw Carving Section.

Bob’s Feature Portfolio:

Bob’s section on Artisans Website:




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