Cane News – The Cane and Walking Stick Magazine

Earlier today I discovered a great website when wandering through the referral logs on called Cane News – available at

Operated by Simon J. Paulson, Editor, and Irene de Leva, Assistant Editor this unique site exists to share the art, the history, the fashion, and embellishment of canes and walking sticks.

The site includes book reviews, listing relevant research and general interest material including links to examine books such as American Folk Art Canes, Personal Sculpture by George H. Meyer, especially notable as one of Stanley’s canes is included in Mr. Meyer’s personal collection. Their consolidated book listings alone are worth a visit.

Also online are spotlight features of artists, events, and a variety of other creative content. Cane News featured some of the hand crated folk art Masonic canes produced by Artisan’s own Stanley D. Saperstein, on display as one of the many examples of the unqiue world of fraternal canes. Feature Link:

If you’re one of our followers that enjoys collecting or carrying your personal canes and walking sticks is a perfect site for you to bookmark.


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