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lg_sy-ca-100Designers, home owners, builders, architects: If you’re involved in any project requiring a unique hand detailed architectural feature, Artisans is offering a complete line of architectural products in a vast array of styles, shapes, and sizes including corbels, moldings, columns, capitals, pilasters, appliqués, rosettes. The line has been dubbed “Artisans Architecturals,” and is central to our plans to extend into new lines of business as well as new markets.

We’re in a new economy, and the game is now delivering a quality product while keeping costs within reasons. Artisans Architectural line is primarily a machine carved product, using tooling ranging from lathes and presses to spindle carvers through to fully automated CNC equipment, all of the pieces marked as “hand carved” receive attention by specialized carvers to assure that all the details are properly in place. Artisans also offers a final touch service to provide our own master’s level carving skills to complete the last and final details upon request. By leveraging production equipment and our hand touches, we are managing to provide a cost effective delivery of a very high quality product.

pf_2007tableproject_d4_lArtisans has teamed up with Klise Mfg of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1910, John Klise combined several small carving shops in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to create the largest manufacturer of carved wood mouldings in the U.S. The business, Klise Manufacturing Company, began by providing wood components for furniture and quickly expanded into other product lines including pianos, architectural goods, ocean liners, and caskets. Over 95 years later, Klise continues to offer unique, exotic, and luxurious wood detail for many applications.

Select from 5,000 patterns available in oak, maple, or cherry as “stock” items or in almost any material by special order. Columns, pilasters, capitals, legs, barristers, banisters, ropes, crowns, skirts, panels, aprons … There are acanthus leaves, eagles, elephants, leaves, roses, vines, scrolls … Should we keep going? (Take the hint order our CD!) Artisans is always available to incorporate our design and our shop services to enhance and finish these products. All our custom services and hand carving remains the same, now we just have a few things we can take off the shelf and sell!

A leader in the wood industry, Klise frequently pioneers trends for hand-carved products.  The company also developed ColumnTrack™, a unique, patented modular column system.  The Klise factory features machines that join time-honored wood carving techniques and advanced technology – a combination that supports custom designs for limited edition pieces, as well as efficient large production runs. Artisans will provide design, assembly, and finishing services to incorporate these elements into furniture and mantles. We will also provide consulting services and design assistance for projects requiring built-in cabinetry, moldings, stair cases, or other architectural details.

appliquesUse your imagination as a designer and you’ll envision countless uses for these products! Artisans can provide custom furniture incorporating our architectural line allowing continuity in design between freestanding furniture, moldings, and fixed architectural features. In both traditional and modern themes, we can provide simple scrolls or ropes and detailed grapes, vines, and acanthus leaves. The higher end of our architectural line even incorporates eagles, horses, elephants and lions.

Need something entirely custom made? We can carve originals and have them replicated, even scaled, to produce true one-of-a-kind designs. While we implement pieces from our manufactured line, always keep in mind that our array of custom options can extend to continue your design themes far beyond production elements. While our architectural features consist primarily of appliques, we can incorporate incised (releif) carving into furniture, panels, signs, or other platforms.

lg_sy-ea-001Concerned about the environment? Klise’s processes are earth-friendly, designed to help minimize energy consumption and waste. Approximately 80% of the lumber for Klise projects is from sustainably managed forests.  Klise is also a participating member of the Michigan Retired Engineer Technical Assistance Program (RETAP). Artisans produces their custom commissions using lumber from a combination of sustainable and local sources.

There are simply too options to put our full portfolio online. Contact us to request our CD portfolio to review Artisans Architecturals! The disk will also include our hand crafted custom furniture portfolio, as well as our restoration portfolio, furniture maintenance products, newsletters, feature articles, and a variety of other unique content.

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Original Design New Wave Gothic Desk incorporating various elements from Artisans Architectural Line


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