Lifestyles of the Rich and Feathered Presents Extreme Bird Houses

John Looser - Extreme Bird House Mounted on TreeJohn Looser - Extreme Bird Houses - Group ShotJohn Looser - Extreme Bird Houses Group Shot 3

As promised, Artisans is combing the world for interesting projects to present the talents of artists spanning all mediums, styles and projects. We at Artisans of the Valley always enjoy visiting the websites and shops of fellow artists; there is a never ending array of unique talents and niches out in the world to supply the demand for one-of-a-kind pieces. Recently we came across an artist creating homes for the more affluent of our feathered friends.

John Looser - Extreme Bird Houses - www.extremebirdhouses.comJohn Looser is recognized as producing some of the best birdhouses in the world, placing in every contest that he’s entered. A craftsman at heart, John employs reclaimed wood to develop monstrous mansions tailored for the needs of various species. The time required to craft these homes is obviously extensive, making bird housing a lifestyle for this Canadian artist.

John Looser - Extreme Bird Houses - Example BirdhouseJohn’s work is showcased in dozens of articles ranging from newspapers to magazines. He now boasts an animal planet feature among his growing media presence. (Check the link below)

Animal Planet:

Extreme Bird House 2John’s website (   features hundreds of photos in a convenient slide show. Since most people won’t have the tools or the time to create such a masterpiece, John’s work is on-sale; a list of one-of-a-kind Extreme Birdhouses is available on his website. He’s also started work on providing the option purchase plans outlining the process from start to finish including helpful diagrams and photos. Keep checking his website for more birdhouse plans!

John Looser - Extreme Bird Houses Example 1Bird houses, dog houses, cat tree’s, bird playgrounds, and dozens of other configurations for various household, wildlife, and farm companions have been created to fill not only functional needs but provide a visual bonus to landscapes and decors. We’ll be searching for and featuring more projects like this soon!

JoJohn Looser - Extreme Bird HousesJohn Looser - Extreme Bird Houses Group Shot 2

For more information on John’s Extreme Bird Houses:

Email Contact:

John’s Phone: 519-357-9595

John Looser - Extreme Bird Houses Example 3John Looser - Extreme Bird Houses - Example 5

John’s work is also featured on


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