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Marge Yonda - hand crated braided wool rug in room setting When observing our surroundings and appreciating the artwork around us I would place a bet that most just simply forget to look down. Hand crafted pieces are certainly not limited to walls and furniture, nor to free standing sculpture. In fact, for thousands of years rugs have been handmade around the world.

We’ll skip the history of every imaginable rugs here, as that’s not really our topic of the day, and jump right into a brief evolution of the braided rug. Life for the braided rugs first showed in England, several were common to most homes, often made by the women of the house, from the traditional material source, which was simply rags. The tradition of braiding rugs migrated to the new world along with the first pilgrims.

The basic structure of braiding, using strips of rag, produced an inexpensive yet extremely durable and functional rug.  Braiders with a more creative sense would time the incorporation of colors to produce patterns and even produce images. The colors used in braided rugs making are often very traditional – blue, gray, red, and white, and that’s about it, and they are almost always round.

When properly woven, braided rugs lay quite flat on the floor, never tending to curl and create a trip hazard. The braids can in concept be made of any rag material, the best rugs are most often wool. A warm colorful rug creates a feeling of comfort, which makes them perfect for vacation homes, cabins, or even yachts. Since colors and themes can be creatively selected, a shore house can have a nautical theme, a cabin wildlife, or maybe a horse farm well horses!

“To me, braiding a rug is a lot like painting a picture. The painter starts with a blank canvas and a palette of colors, and lets his heart and mind tell his hand what to do. The quality of the end product depends on the technical skills of the painter, but more importantly on the feeling that the painter is able to impart to the canvas…a feeling that comes from the inner self. The former can be taught, the latter is a gift. The same is true of braiding. There are certain technical skills that can be taught, but the quality of the end product depends on the creativity of the braider.” – Marge Yonda

Marge has been crafting her hand crafted rugs for 40 years, and will deliver a one-of-a-kind artistic creation that is measured in pounds of wool depending on the diameter, with common thicknesses of 3/4″ to 1″ these are no lightweights. Just as a general rule of thumb, almost everything we are going to feature in our blog or newsletter will be of heirloom quality. If you commission one of Marge’s rugs, plan on putting it in your will now to avoid the family disputes over it later!

The usual reaction when I say I make braided rugs is something like,”Oh, I saw the most beautiful braided rug in Wal-Mart the other day”. Marge Yonda

(Interlude Part I: Here’s a little etiquette tip, never compare any artist or craftsman’s work to anything that has ever been sold at Wal-Mart. I don’t care where you got your degree, or what you do for a living, this comment clearly defines YOU as an ignorant fool, and instantly flags you as a waste of time. I am certainly no stranger to offending people, but come on don’t be stupid!)

“So when anyone asks, rather than attempting a long explanation of the differences, I simply say that I don’t compete in that market. I make the best rug that I can make for individuals who I hope will become my friends. So far, I’ve been successful.”

(Interlude Part II: Marge is a bit more let’s say polite than I am. My father or I will more likely describe YOU with colorful adjectives, disparage what you do for a living, then throw your ass out of  our shop, so don’t try that with us! Oh, and don’t think of picking at Teri either … When matched a 110lb Teri vs. a 300lb wild Austrian silver back boar equaled meat in the freezer and a head on the wall!)

Enough with the interludes, more about Marge. Along with her own custom rugs and restoration work, Marge’s website includes training videos and advice on making braided rugs. As with many artists that are masters of their craft, Marge openly shares her skills and knowledge and demonstrates an open belief in not only making heirloom rugs herself, but passing on the craft itself as an heirloom so generations to come can produce their own creations.

Braided rugs are content in a variety of styles and decor, Country, Mission, Colonial, Tudor, Early American, Pilgrim, Arts & Crafts, even Modern. The following is a small gallery of some of Marge’s amazing creations, keep in mind she also does restoration work so if you already have an heirloom rug contact her to discuss how to preserve, restore, display, and enjoy it for generations to come. We’ll be discussing more on art as an investment in upcoming blog articles – for now keep something in mind. Marge has orders pending in Australia, Japan, Germany, Norway, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico, along with of course her fair share of American orders, that will take her well into 2011. Even in the current economic climate, artists that are at the top of their craft prevail as investments in tangible products.

Marge’s Original Creations

Hand Crafted Braided Rug by Marge YondaHand Crafted Braided Rug by Marge Yonda

Hand Crafted Braided Rug by Marge YondaHand Crafted Braided Rug by Marge Yonda

Restoration Before / After Images

Hand Crafted Braided Rug by Marge Yonda (Before Restoration)Hand Crafted Braided Rug by Marge Yonda (Before Restoration)

Hand Crafted Braided Rug by Marge Yonda (Before Restoration)Hand Crafted Braided Rug by Marge Yonda (Before Restoration)

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