Mohawk Technical News Flash May 8th, 2009 – An offical “Artisans’ Reblogging”

mohawk_logoThe power wielded by a blog as important as ours should not be taken lightly and we did promise to do more with it than simply promote ourselves. We certainly did not promise we’d handle the task of providing technical and other useful information to others ourselves, actually – if I remember right we planned on just the opposite. By inviting guest bloggers, re-blogging, or otherwise creatively attracting material to our blog we can provide our followers more content.


We’re kicking off with four technical Tips on the use of Mohawk’s new Waterborne (Greenguard) finishing products.


Artisans (Eric & Teri) are both Mohawk Certified Technicians – each with experience in performing furniture repair and touchup procedures. We’re in the process of testing out some of these new waterborne stains and finishes now, and we’ll be reporting our own findings and techniques directly back to Mohawk, then to all of you, through our newsletter and our blog.



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Original Release by Mohawk was on May 8, 2009


Tip 1: Spray the sealer or first coat of the Waterborne Pre-Catalyzed product on as a light wet coat.  This may look hungry and need more material but you will find that it dries faster and sands smooth, which creates a very nice base for additional coats.


You will have much better results by applying a lighter seal coat or first coat.  After that, apply the subsequent coats in medium wet coats.


It is very tempting to apply a heavy wet coat because you can but it can cause poor results.


Tip 2: For best results using the Waterborne Dye Stains, always dilute the stain with the Waterborne Dye Stain Reducer/Base by at least 40%.


This will give you much more control of the color and the best results.  I like to demo the stain by letting the customer spray straight from the bottle on one side of a panel, then dilute it and let them spray the other side.


They will see immediately how much more control and how much cleaner the end results are.


Tip 3: Use a chiseled foam brush when applying the Waterborne Glaze to leave accent color around profiles, carvings or shapes.  It makes it much easier to get into corners and crevices.


The foam brushes also work very well to apply the Waterborne Wiping Stains as well.


Tip 4: Use the Waterborne Dye Stain Reducer/Base as a wood conditioner prior to adding a Waterborne Wiping Stain.


Spray, brush or use a cloth to apply the Waterborne Dye Stain Reducer/Base.  Wipe off the excess with a clean rag and then apply the wiping stain.


You should find the wiping stain much easier to apply and wipe clean.  It also helps reduce end grain going darker.



About Mohawk, an RPM Company … (reprinted from


Our industry is one of the most rapidly changing industries in America.  New techniques in manufacturing, modern color variations, synthetic materials, and new chemical treatments, have all contributed to the complex changes the industry is experiencing.   Old methods of staining and shading as well as old finishing techniques, are being superseded by new methods which must cope with modern and varying standards.


Mohawk is proud that, in the face of these changes, it has not only kept abreast but also anticipated many of these changes.   Our research department is constantly experimenting and testing new methods and devices.   Recent developments have vastly improved Touch-Up Markers, Fillers, Epoxy Adhesives and a complete line of Kits and repair products for wood, leather and vinyl.  Our Tone Finish® aerosol products haven been an invaluable tool for the finisher.  We have also done everything possible to keep up with regulatory issues.  Glance through the hardware section, the most complete line of its kind, designed exclusively with the service technician in mind.


This web site, which includes finishing and touch-up tips, as well as a complete listing of our products and hardware, is designed to assist the Technician as much as possible.  We are confident that it will aid in selecting the proper materials as each item has a brief explanation.


With our modern laboratory facilities, we are in a position to formulate and furnish you with almost any desired item and any special shade and color.  We are always ready to help with whatever finish, patching or repairing difficulties you have.   Write or e-mail us explaining your problems and we will do our utmost to assist you



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