Randy Mardrus Carved Art Glass – SANDS OF LIGHT (Artist Profile Video)

Artist Profile – Randy Mardrus owner of Permanent Reflections discusses his passion for deep carved illuminated glass and the origins of his lifestyle.

Randy Mardrus Carved Art Glass – SANDS OF LIGHT (Artist Profile Video)

Those of you familiar w/ Eric’s game room bar have seen the centerpiece glass carving. The bar was designed and built by Eric & Stanley Saperstein. The glass carving is by Randy Mardrus, and the stained glass frame was done by Robert Saperstein. The custom solid brass bar top was done by Trenton Sheet Metal.

Collaboration between artists of various mediums, backgrounds, and skill levels often results in some of the most interesting and creative results.

Eric and Randy met through the commission for the Rocky Mountain elk scene that anchors the bar – this was back in the Y2K era. The two began to realize they were up against each other in terms of the level of artistry that this home bar could reach. The creativity grew and the joint effort quickly turned from a project into a long term friendship.

Randy recently completed an artist profile video – check this out for a great insight into the creative mind. Randy discusses himself, and how he began his journey from a teenage rebel to a professional artist.

His work decorates the homes of royalty around the world, mega yachts. exclusive hotels, exotic car dealers, the US Senate building. … The work speaks for itself, in this video the artist gets a chance to share a window into himself.

Enjoy! … Nicely done Randy!

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