Self Searching is a Critical Artist’s Marketing Tool!

I actively scan the Internet searching websites, blogs, news, images, etc. using a series of keywords to help determine who out there is talking about us. It’s often a fascinating venture and every time I take some time to do some specific searches I find something new.

I figured it would be interesting to share some of the results with all of you. This of course is bragging rights for us as there are lots of links pointing to our website or extracts taken to illustrate educational points, provide examples of period designs, woodcarving, restoration, sculptures, or folk art.

The second point to make here is to all of you who are involved in marketing your business, orgaization, cause, whatever … it’s a critical to run searches for your business name, your website, your products, your name, your affiliates, and your competition. I’d bet you’d be amazed what you find – and I’m sure it will turn out of value.

Here’s a few interesting results of sites that creatively employed our content towards mutually beneficial goal. The more interactive content you have with the appropriate link backs from sites with logical connections the better your search engine ranking gets, the more traffic you draw, and the more online credibility you will build for your website and your business.

Here’s a few tips for Google that usually work with most search engines:

1) Search for your website:

2) Search for link backs:

3) Search for your business name: “Artisans of the Valley”

4) Search for YOUR name: “Eric Saperstein” & “Eric M. Saperstein”

5) Search for your phone numbers: 609-637-0450

6) Search for your email address:

7) Don’t forget – especially in Google – search websites, images, blogs, and news separately to find your top results in each category.

Links to Artisans Plugs:

(This only took about 15 minutes to find)


Home decor: coffee table will let you play chess
Arpita Mukherjee | Oct 8 2008


Mohawk Finishing Products – Newsletter Feature of Artisans of the Valley

(Mohawk is an RPM Company)


Waterlox – Features Artisans of the Valley


Furniture Planners does a Product Feature (Pricing is a bit out of date!)


Horton Brasses Blog Site + they feature our Philosophy of Restoration Article


Hopewell Valley Central School System Features a Chainsaw Carving Project


Phoenix Masonry Museum features “The History of Fraternal Walking Sticks”


Decorati Access – Interior Design Magazine –

Noted us as a product & information resource for their article


TODL Featured us in their public news blurbs.




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