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hand_illuminated_manuscript_mMarc Udell, owner of the Queenstown Gallery, recently completed the final steps of mounting Eric’s Master’s papers over Memorial Day weekend! This set the stage for the finishing touches on Eric’s “Framing Papers” project. Those of you that are followers of our newsletter already know that Eric decided to commission a hand illuminated parchment to commemorate the transition of Artisans of the Valley and the completion of his tenure as a journeyman which formally established his certifications and status as a Master Craftsman.

Eric, Teri, and Stanley all worked on the design, construction, carving, and finishing of a custom New Wave Gothic shadow box frame to display the parchment, a true work of art in itself by Rosemary Buczek. What these artists did not possess was the knowledge, technical skill, and the required equipment to properly mount the parchment within the wooden structure.

For this task we commissioned Marc Udell of The Queenstown Gallery (Pennington & Hopewell, NJ) to install an acid free suede background and employ the appropriate museum style tactics to fix the parchment in place. To give you an idea of why we all stay in our niche; Eric’s original idea of flocking the interior of the piece was quickly shot down. Marc’s experience and standing keeper of the simple fact that flocking is not acid free certainly trumps our knowledge of handling this type of artwork. This again is where we emphasize the value to an extensive network of artists and craftsmen who combine their unique skills to complete the highest caliber of projects.

So the acid free suede was mounted to a foam board backing and secured into the shadow box. Our traditional rope moldings were put in place around the perimeter of the suede mat board, and the parchment was glued into place using a proprietary silicon adhesive. The face of the frame wraps a panel of museum glass, providing 99% UV protection and an almost invisible presence.

queenstown_gallery_penningtonThe Queenstown Galleryis made up of two long standing business’ in the Hopewell valley area. The Pennington location was established in 1964 by Rosemary Wetherill and George Koeppel, the Queenstown Gallery (which derives its name from the original name of Pennington) has developed a tradition of cheerful, experienced service and the finest quality workmanship and materials available. The second location in Hopewell formerly The Hopewell Frame Shop opened and operated in 1978 by Abigail Frantz, also had a fine reputation for providing quality work and service to its customers. In October of 2005 Marc Udell purchased the Pennington location from Jack Koeppel and then in March of 2008 acquired the Hopewell store from Abby. Both Shops now carry the name of The Queenstown Gallery and Custom Picture Framing.

Queenstown Galleryoffers its customers a full range of picture framing and all related services, from ready-made and standing photo frames to custom-made, museum standard framing. From assisting in the selection of correct colors and styles to delivery and expert hanging in your home or office, we can do it all. Under the new ownership of Marc Udell, professional photographer and custom picture framer. The Queenstown Gallery has gone through some very positive changes starting with a bit of a facelift as well as an update in equipment and technology employing the use of computers to input your order as well as a computerized mat cutter that will cut a perfect opening in the mats used to frame your piece of art. The Queenstown Gallery includes among its clients: historical sites like the Old Barracks Museum, The New Jersey State Museum, Rutgers University, Princeton University, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Bristol-Myers Squibb, art collectors and dealers, as well as the general public.

queenstown_gallery_hopewellThe Queenstown Gallery, now has a full fledge gallery at the Hopewell location, the wall art is comprised of local artist’s work and we have added glass and ceramics by national known artisans. We also are now holding show openings every 8 weeks of our local artist’s work. Please call or check our calendar for specific detail. Rumors are starting that Artisans may be putting some of their work on display at the Hopewell location soon!

Technical experience and equipment

Owner, Marc Udell has a degree in Commercial Photography and has worked for clients like Lockheed Martin, Endo Pharmaceuticals and Janssen Pharmaceutica. Marc has been trained in custom picture framing by Larson Juhl a leading manufacturer and distributor of custom picture framing moulding. The Queenstown Gallery is marketing, partner of Larson Juhl. We utilize computerized mat cutting equipment manufactured by Wizard International as well as Point of Sale software by Specialty Software Systems a leader in custom picture framing software.

When the time comes to display your treasures, consider a custom made frame or shadow box!

Queenstown gallery Contact Information:


43 SOUTH MAIN STREET | PENNINGTON, NJ 08534 | 609-737-1876
24 WEST BROAD STREET | HOPEWELL, NJ 08525 | 609-466-0817



A Sneak Peak at Hopewell’s Gallery Interior!


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